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Tennessee Homemade Wines Named Best Winery in Tennessee 

We are so excited to announce that our Smoky Mountain winery has been named the best winery in Tennessee! That’s right, the Yelp community has created a list of the top wineries in each state, and Tennessee Homemade Wines took the top spot for Tennessee. Learn more about what makes us the best winery in Tennessee below: 

Wines on shelf inside of Tennessee Homemade Wines in Sevierville Tennessee

Yelp’s Best Winery in Tennessee 

It’s an honor that our Gatlinburg winery has been recognized as the best winery in Tennessee! Analysts sorted through the Yelp platform’s databases to determine the top-rated wineries in each state. The results are based on Yelp’s user-generated reviews and ratings, which means you’re the reason we’re number one! 

We’ve included some top Yelp reviews for Tennessee Homemade Wines so you can see what makes us the best winery in Tennessee: 

“Love love love this place! Me and my husband go every time we're in town. Great wines, great selection. It’s our favorite winery in Gatlinburg and probably anywhere we've been! This last time we were there, a really nice fellow helped us out. I can't remember his name, but he used to work at their sister store down the way. He was a lot of fun, made us feel like we were hanging out with an old friend. Never a bad time or a bad wine here!” - Kat N. 

“So my husband likes dry wines but I much prefer sweet. Let me tell you, this place did not disappoint me at all!!! Loved almost every wine I tasted. And then I have to choose which ones to buy??? Impossible! Kathleen was my host and she totally rocks and had a lot of suggestions of ways to use the wine for marinades and glazes. Can't wait to try the pork loin suggestion she gave me! Will definitely be joining the wine club!” - Brandy B. 

“This is a sweet wine lover’s dream. Everything I tried was delicious. It was $5 to sample all the wines, and the customer service was excellent!” - Monica J. 

Visit our Yelp page to read more great reviews from our visitors! 

Free Wine tasting at Tennessee Homemade Wines in Sevierville Tennessee

About Tennessee Homemade Wines 

Part of what makes us the best winery in Tennessee is because we’re unique. We serve the best sweet wine in the Smoky Mountains! Our wines are made using local recipes rooted deep in family tradition. We use a combination of fresh fruits, local craftsmen, and Southern hospitality to make and sell our wine. We provide visitors with more than just our sweet wine though — it’s about the

experience as well! Our atmosphere represents the way of life in the Smokies, and our wines bring a taste of the Smokies straight to your mouth. We want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy our wines, which is why we offer free tastings 7 days a week! For free, you’ll have the opportunity to taste some of our best-selling flavors. For just $5, you can taste all our wines, plus one of our famous wine slushies! It’s one of the best deals in the Smokies. 

Join Our Tennessee Wine Club 

If you’re a big fan of Tennessee Homemade Wines, then you have to join our Wine Club! Our Wine Club is mentioned in many of our Yelp reviews because of all the perks it offers members. It’s the best way to enjoy our sweet Smoky Mountain wine all year round. You’ll receive shipments of our wine 4 times per year — the number of bottles in each shipment is up to you! We have packages for every budget. You’ll get to select which flavors you want in each shipment, or let our winemaker decide for you. As a Wine Club member, you’ll also have great benefits, like shipping included for orders of 4 bottles or more, discounts online and in-store, and early access to new wine selections! 

Become a member of our Tennessee Homemade Wines Club today to guarantee you always have a bottle from the best winery in Tennessee in your home!

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