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Celebrate the Holidays With Our Mulled Wine and Cider

Are you ready to get into the holiday spirit? We can help with our mulling spices! Pour a glass of our mulled wine or cider for the perfect drink to keep you warm and remind you of your favorite parts of the holiday season. Whether you’re enjoying a holiday meal, wrapping presents, or curled up in front of the fire watching Christmas movies, everything is better with a cup of mulled wine or cider. Find out everything you need to know about our mulled wine and cider below, including how to make it!

mulling spices with Tennessee Homemade Wines

What is Mulled Wine and Cider?

When the weather gets cold, that means it’s the best time of year to make your favorite warm drinks! Mulled wine is a hot beverage that’s made by mixing wine with various spices and letting it simmer before serving warm. Mulled cider is the same concept, just with cider instead of wine! 

What Are Mulling Spices?

Mulling spices enhance the flavor of your mulled wine and cider, evoking all the wonderful tastes of the holiday season! Instead of having you mix up your own variety of spices to make mulled wine and cider, we do the work for you! All you have to do is purchase a package of our Mulling Spices. We sell our Mulling Spices in both our Gatlinburg and Sevierville locations, as well as online! We also offer a Tennessee Homemade Wines Mulling Spice Bundle that includes 2 bottles of Old Apple, 2 bottles of Southern Red, and 2 packages of our mulling spices. Our Tennessee Cider Mulling Spice Bundle features 2 bottles of Golden Apple Hard Cider, 2 bottles of Red Apple Hard Cider, and 4 packages of our mulling spices. These bundles will keep you warm and content all holiday season

How Do You Make Mulled Wine and Cider?

The process of making mulled wine and cider is easy! For our mulled wine, all you have to do is mix your favorite bottle from Tennessee Homemade Wines (we recommend our Old Apple Wine) with a bag of our mulling spices, let simmer, and enjoy! 

For our mulled cider, you’ll do the same thing as the mulled wine, just with your favorite bottle of our hard cider! You can also follow our favorite recipe: Mix 1 bottle of our Spiced Apple or Golden Apple Hard Cider, 1 package of our mulling spices, 1 quart of apple cider, 1 quart of apple juice, and 1 quart of cranberry juice in a crockpot. Top with cinnamon sticks and apple slices, let simmer, and enjoy! 

Visit Tennessee Homemade Wines

Are you ready to enjoy some mulled wine or cider this holiday season? Come visit us at Tennessee Homemade Wines! Not only can you pick up some of your favorite wine and enough mulling spices to get you through the holidays, but you can also enjoy a free tasting with us! We offer free tastings 7 days a week so you can try our sweet Smoky Mountain wines and decide which bottles you want to take home with you. 

If you can’t make it to our store, don’t worry! That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on mulled wine over the holidays. Shop our wines and mulling spices online for the perfect gift for yourself!

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