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5 Cheeses to Pair With Our Smoky Mountain Wines

Age is only important when it comes to wine and cheese! Otherwise, it’s just a number! Luckily for you, we have plenty of delicious sweet Southern wines to try here at Tennessee Homemade Wines! We’ll let you handle providing the cheese. There’s no better way to wow your guests at your party than with some perfectly paired wines and cheeses. Here are 5 cheeses to pair with our Smoky Mountain wines:

Sparking Peach in the experiemental series of Tennessee Homemade wines

1. Sparkling Peach With Brie

Ahh, peaches and Brie! Two tastes that just instantly brighten your day! Our Sparkling Peach Wine is full of those peach flavors you love, complemented by bubbles that dance around your tongue before bursting with a hint of sweetness. These tropical peach and passionfruit flavors go incredibly well when paired with a Brie cheese! This soft cow’s-milk cheese features a buttery flavor and creamy texture that perfectly balances the sweetness of the peach wine!

2. Southern White With Gorgonzola

Our Southern White Wine is Tennessee Homemade Wines’ own version of moscato! A favorite among our Smoky Mountain wines, this sweet dessert wine is made from the sweetest white grapes in Tennessee! We recommend pairing Southern White with a strong blue cheese like Gorgonzola! This Italian style blue cheese is made from unskimmed cow’s milk and is funky in its taste, making it perfect to pair with a sweet but light wine like our Southern White!

3. Winter Harvest With Roquefort

Winter Harvest is one of the newest and most unique Smoky Mountain wines we’ve produced! It’s known as an “ice wine” meaning it’s made from Vidal grapes that are frozen while still on the vine! This helps to create a unique semi-sweet wine with flavors of honey dew melon, golden raisin and peach cobbler! It pairs perfectly with Roquefort, a blue cheese from southern France and made from sheep’s milk. Roquefort has a sharp, salty, tangy flavor with a creamy texture that balances out the sweetness and complex acidity of our Winter Harvest Wine!

blueberry wine by tennessee homemade wines

4. Blueberry With Blueberry Stilton

You can never have too many blueberries! If you love this fruit that you tend to gobble down by the handful, you’re going to love our Blueberry Wine! This wine uses whole blueberries fresh off the vine to create a taste that’s both sweet and smooth. When you pair our Blueberry Wine with a Blueberry Stilton cheese, you get twice the flavor! Blueberry Stilton is a mild cheese full of real blueberries that provide a sharp fruit taste, making for a delightful experience full of flavor when you combine the 2!

5. Red Muscadine With Gouda

Our Red Muscadine Wine is a true taste of the South in a bottle! This wine is both sweet and tart, made from the finest muscadines! You won’t find a wine like this anywhere other than Tennessee Homemade Wines! It tastes great alongside some delicious gouda — a sweet, creamy, yellow cow’s milk cheese from the Netherlands. The creaminess and sweet and mild nature of its flavor make gouda the perfect match for our Red Muscadine!

Now you know just what Smoky Mountain wines and delicious cheeses to grab to have that perfect celebration with friends and family! The best way to regularly receive our wines is by joining The Club! You’ll receive shipments of wine straight to your front door 4 times a year!

February 2023
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