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5 Choices From Tennessee Homemade Wines As Sweet as the Smoky Mountains

Nobody knows Southern sweet wines quite as well as Tennessee Homemade Wines! We’ve been producing them for years right here in Gatlinburg and Sevierville, where our wineries have become must-visit destinations for thirsty travelers and locals alike! All of our wines are produced locally by good folks who know and love the Smoky Mountains. Our winemakers pour a healthy helping of Southern hospitality into each bottle, which when combined with fresh fruits results in a taste as sweet as the Smoky Mountains! Here are 5 choices from Tennessee Homemade Wines as sweet as the Smoky Mountains: 

1. Mountain Berry

Who doesn’t love some fresh berries?! Our Mountain Berry Wine is sure to satisfy both your thirst and your love for berries! This sweet wine is made from both blueberries and blackberries so the biggest of berry lovers can get the best of both worlds. This delicious wine is sure to make your mouth water as soon as you pop it open as the berry aromas waft into your nose. You’ll feel like you're on your very own berry picking expedition in the Smokies when you try Mountain Berry! 

Mountain Berry

2. Concord

Concord grapes are one of the most popular kinds of grapes in the United States. Concords feature a deep, sweet flavor that makes them perfect for creating delicious wine! Our Concord Wine harnesses the power of the concord grape to produce a flavor that tastes just like grape jelly. You’ll do a double take, wondering if somebody stole your favorite grape jelly out of the fridge! 


3. Proper Peach

Don’t try just any Peach wine; enjoy a Proper Peach Wine! A favorite among fans of Tennessee Homemade Wines, Proper Peach uses freshly picked peaches from local farmers to craft a sweet and smooth wine that is perfect to enjoy from the comfort of a Smoky Mountain porch! Serve this Smoky Mountain wine cold to elevate the flavors to a level you didn’t know was possible. 

Proper Peach

4. Passion Fruit

We’re gonna go out on a limb and guess you’ve never had passion fruit in the form of wine before. Here’s your chance! Our Passion Fruit Wine offers sweet and familiar flavors of passion fruit with a hint of tartness. The tropical flavors in this Smoky Mountain wine will give you visions of laying on a sun-kissed beach in paradise! You can’t go wrong giving this exotic wine a try!  

Passion Fruit

5. Strawberry

Oh, how sweet it is to enjoy our Strawberry Wine! This delicious choice from Tennessee Homemade Wines begins with a sweet taste followed by a light and refreshing finish so that it’s sweet but not too sweet. If you could bottle up the Smoky Mountains, it would taste just like our Strawberry Wine! Enjoy this wine while outdoors at some point during your Smoky Mountain adventures to get the full experience! 


These choices from Tennessee Homemade Wines are as sweet as the Smoky Mountains that created them! If your sweet tooth needs more attention, check out the wines from our Experimental Series. This rotating collection of unique wines includes even more sweet wines plus some awesome seasonal options!

July 2023
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