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5 Dessert Wines From the Experimental Series

Do you have a sweet tooth? We certainly do here at Tennessee Homemade Wines! That’s why we created several decadent dessert wines as part of our Experimental Series, a rotating collection of unique wines that includes some incredible seasonal options. Regardless of what sweet flavor is your favorite, we have a dessert wine that will leave you speechless! Here are 5 dessert wines from the Experimental Series at Tennessee Homemade Wines:

1. Mountain Chocolate

Chocolate lovers can’t keep their hands off of this one! Our Mountain Chocolate Wine is an unbeatable blend of creamy and rich chocolate milk with the unique taste of Irish Crème, creating a chocolate milk for grown ups! This selection from the Tennessee Homemade Wines Experimental Series gives you that delightful chocolate taste with a finish as smooth as velvet. Drink it chilled on its own, use it to make a special cocktail or even make an adult milkshake!

Mountain Chocolate

2. Strawberry Creme

If strawberry milk is more of your speed, you have to try our Strawberry Creme Wine! This adult strawberry milk smells like soft-serve strawberry ice cream and tastes of fruity flavors like tropical punch and bubble gum! Pair this wine with your favorite dessert, enjoy it chilled or use it to make incredible cocktails and milkshakes. Mom always did say you need to drink your milk, after all!

Strawberry Creme

3. Mountain S’more

When you leave the s’more making to us, you don’t have to worry about getting your hands messy! We managed to pack this favorite outdoor activity into a bottle. Our Mountain S’more Wine is a special combination of those gooey marshmallows, melted chocolate and graham crackers that transports you straight to the fire pit of a cabin featuring gorgeous Smoky Mountain views! You won’t believe how much this tastes like the real thing!

Mountain Smores

4. Pumpkin Pie

A slice of warm pumpkin pie has a way of making your day a little bit sweeter! Our Pumpkin Pie Wine is a cream-based wine featuring flavors of pumpkin and cinnamon spices! It’s like a pumpkin spiced latte except with an extra kick! This dessert wine is perfect to enjoy during the fall as the weather cools down and Thanksgiving approaches. Imagine having this wine to go along with all your turkey, stuffing and fixins’! 

Pumpkin Pie

5. Cotton Clouds

You’ll be on cloud nine when you try our Cotton Clouds Wine! One of our most special dessert wines from the Experimental Series, Cotton Clouds is a medium-bodied sweet rosé full of strawberry and bubble gum flavors with aromas of red raspberry and strawberry! Yes, it tastes just like delicious cotton candy you used to cover your face in as a child! Pop open a bottle of Cotton Clouds and you’ll get a taste of a childhood favorite that never gets old.

Cotton Clouds

There’s no better after-meal treat than one of these dessert wines from the Experimental Series at Tennessee Homemade Wines! You can try all these wines from home by joining The Club, our wine and cider club that delivers shipments to your front door 4 times a year!

April 2023
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