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4 Desserts to Pair With Our Smoky Mountain Wines

Good things happen to those who save room for dessert! There’s only one way to finish off a delicious dinner: with a sweet treat and a glass of wine from Tennessee Homemade Wines! Whether you plan to enjoy a Smoky Mountain dessert delicacy or make your family’s favorite dessert from the comfort of your cabin rental, Tennessee Homemade Wines has the perfect wine to pair with your favorite sweet cravings. Our Smoky Mountain wines are overflowing with flavors that are as sweet as a Smoky Mountain sunset! Here are 4 desserts to pair with our Smoky Mountain wines:

1. Milkshakes

Nothing hits the spot sometimes quite like a thick, creamy milkshake bursting with your favorite sweet flavors! Dating back to your days as a kid, milkshakes have always had mood lifting powers! Our Strawberry Creme Wine and Mountain Chocolate Wine are both excellent choices to mix into your favorite homemade milkshake or even one from your favorite Smoky Mountain ice cream shop. Strawberry Creme is like strawberry milk for grown-ups, while Mountain Chocolate is a carefully crafted blend of chocolate milk and Irish Creme!

Banana Pudding

2. Banana Pudding

We don’t know about you, but we love us some banana pudding! There’s no occasion that isn’t the perfect time to enjoy some freshly made banana pudding. Layers of sweet vanilla custard, vanilla wafers and sliced bananas make for a delicious dessert that you’ll want something special to drink along with. Our Winter Harvest Wine is an ice wine made from Vidal grapes that features flavors of honey dew melon, golden raisin and peach cobbler, making for a smooth taste that pairs well with banana pudding! The acidity and tannins in our Southern Red Wine combined with its cranberry, fig and allspice flavors make another excellent choice to enjoy with banana pudding!

3. Apple Pie

Grandma has been hard at work in the kitchen for hours crafting her famous apple pie! Do you know what goes well with apple pie? More apple pie! Our Apple Orchard Wine is made from locally grown apples and holds a crisp, clean and light apple flavor that's the perfect complement to a slice of warm apple pie! Our Old Apple Wine is one of our most unique Smoky Mountain wines as it’s made from what’s known as the “cooking apple” in the Smokies! These odd-shaped, rough-skinned apples that were onced used for generations to make jams, jellies and fried pies make for a special apple flavor that’s going to taste great with your favorite apple pie!

Apple Pie

4. Peach Cobbler

Peach cobbler recipes have been shared throughout the Smokies for generations and for good reason! This dessert is best enjoyed while still warm and with a glass of one of our fabulous Smoky Mountain wines! Elevate your peach cobbler experience with our Honey Peach Wine or White Label Wine. The honeycomb flavor infused in our Honey Peach adds another layer of sweetness that pairs perfectly with a peach cobbler! White Label is a dessert wine that tastes like a moscato, giving it enough sweetness to go along well with your peach cobbler!

You’ll be full and happy when you enjoy these desserts with our Smoky Mountain wines! Before you visit, browse our wines to decide which ones you want to try!

March 2023
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