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Everything to Know About Canned Wines From Our Tennessee Winery

Cocktails in a can have arrived at Tennessee Homemade Wines! Our Tennessee winery is proud to introduce canned wines to our lineup of delicious adult beverages. The incredible taste of these canned wines paired with their increased portability make them a must-try. Here is everything to know about canned wines from our Tennessee winery:

Canned wines by tennessee homemade wines

What Are Canned Wines?

The delicious wines you’ve come to expect from our Tennessee winery are used in our canned wines with an extra jolt of flavors that take things to the next level! Rather than being bottled in glass bottles with corks, these drinks are packaged in aluminum cans, offering several advantages over the traditional form.

Canned wines are lighter and smaller than bottled wines, making them easier to transport and enjoy during a number of different activities. They make the perfect drinks to enjoy while golfing, fishing, boating or taking part in any other outdoor hobbies you may have! Simply pull the tab, instead of having to bring along a corkscrew, and you’ve got a delicious drink to enjoy in a portion-controlled size.

Canned wines are eco-friendly since every part of the aluminum casing is recyclable. Because they’re lighter than glass bottles, it cuts down on the carbon emissions that occur when transported from us to you!

Types of Canned Wines From Tennessee Homemade Wines

The first of our choices is the Proper Half and Half Wine Cocktail. This wine cocktail combines wine with black tea and lemon juice, making for a refreshing taste you won’t be able to get enough of! The tongue tantalizing flavors of tea and lemon merge with a day brightening orange wine in a beverage that’s sure to keep you cool on a hot day!

The Proper Margarita Wine Cocktail is done up right. If you’ve ever enjoyed our Margarita Wine you’re going to love this canned wine cocktail! This balanced blend of wine, real lime juice, salt and sugar screams a good time! You’ll feel as if you’re kicked back on a beach in Mexico when you have a can of Proper Margarita in your hand!

These canned wines are available in 16 packs of 250ml cans at Tennessee Homemade Wines! Take home a case of either or try our mixed pack, which includes 8 cans of both Proper Half and Half and Proper Margarita per case.

About Our Tennessee Winery

Tennessee Homemade Wines is always pushing the envelope when it comes to unique beverages bursting with flavor. Whether it’s these new canned wines or fresh, creative flavors of wine, you’re sure to find something you’ve never had before at our Tennessee winery!

Tennessee Homemade Wines was started right here in Gatlinburg by locals who have a passion for wine. The key to our success is combining fresh fruits with local craftsmen and southern hospitality to create the best sweet wines to come out of the Smoky Mountains! When you visit our locations in Gatlinburg and Sevierville, you’ll enjoy free samples and an authentic Smoky Mountain experience.

Are you ready to try these delicious canned wines from our Tennessee winery? They’ll make the perfect addition to your next tailgate, alongside some of our favorite tailgating wines!

November 2023
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