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Introducing Our Experimental Series: 8 New Smoky Mountain Wines

We have exciting news! We’re introducing eight new wines as part of our Experimental Series of wines. Members of our Wine Club have the first opportunity to try these new flavors, but we’ll have them at both our Gatlinburg winery and Sevierville winery soon! Learn more about the eight new Smoky Mountain wines in our Experimental Series below.

1. Mountain Chocolate

Mountain Chocolate

Are you a chocolate lover? Then you’ll love this new flavor! Mountain Chocolate is an amazing blend of rich, creamy chocolate milk with Irish Creme and wine. The chocolate flavors follow through to a rich, velvety finish. You can enjoy this bottle on its own, or get creative. Turn it into a delicious cocktail or a milkshake! We recommend mixing it with coffee, chocolate, or your favorite ice cream.

2. Strawberry Cream

Strawberry Cream

This is what strawberry dreams are made of! Strawberry Cream tastes just like strawberry milk and gives off aromas of soft-serve strawberry ice cream with flavors of tropical punch and bubble gum. Enjoy it chilled on its own, or in a cocktail or milkshake. We like to think it pairs well with a delectable dessert. 

3. Cotton Clouds

Cotton Clouds

Cotton Clouds tastes just like a sweet cotton candy treat! This medium-bodied sweet rosé has aromas of strawberry and raspberry with flavors of bubblegum and strawberry. This bottle goes well with both sweet and salty treats. 

4. Sparkling Peach

Sparkling Peach

Feeling peachy? Take a sip of Sparkling Peach and get hit with exploding peach flavors and bubbles that dance on your tongue. This sweet bubbly is packed full of tropical peach and passionfruit flavors.  

5. Pineapple Rosé

Pineapple Rose

You’ll want to sip this rosé all day! Pineapple Rosé is a sweet and refreshing bottle that’s bursting with pineapple aromas and flavors. This is one of the best wines to experiment making specialty cocktails for yourself. Add a dash of rum or a splash of soda water to create the perfect pineapple drink. 

6. Watermelon Crawl

Watermelon Crawl

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to enjoy the sweet flavors of watermelon! Our new Watermelon Crawl wine is sweet, refreshing, and bursting with aromas and flavors of a juicy watermelon. It’s great chilled on its own, with a splash of vodka, or paired with fresh fruit. We also think it goes great with salty and spicy foods! 

7. Peanut Butter & Jelly

Peanut Butter and Jelly

It’s Peanut Butter & Jelly time! This sweet wine will transport you back to the days of enjoying your favorite sandwich. In fact, it tastes just like a real PB&J! This bottle has fruity aromas and flavors of Concord grape jelly with a side of peanut butter nuttiness. 

8. Double Berry

Double Berry

We’ve combined two of our most popular flavors into one new bottle for you! Double Berry is a bountiful bond of blackberry and blueberry. It’s crisp, refreshing, and packed with flavors of the two fruits. If you love our Blueberry and Blackberry Smoky Mountain wines, this is the perfect choice for you. 

Join Our Wine Club

If you want to be one of the first to try these new Smoky Mountain wines, become a member of our Wine Club! Wine Club members can purchase any of these new bottles in our Experimental Series online before they hit stores. Plus, you’ll receive a discount for being a valued Wine Club member! Join our Wine Club today and start sipping these sweet new wines.

April 2022
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