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4 Hidden Perks of Being a Tennessee Homemade Wines Club Member

Welcome to Tennessee Homemade Wines, where you’ll find the best sweet Southern wines in all of the Smoky Mountains! With a collection of tasty wines featuring flavors you didn’t think were possible, Tennessee Homemade Wines has a little taste of everything for our visitors! Do you love wine as much as we do? Our Wine Club is for all the biggest wine lovers! Check out these 4 hidden perks of being a Tennessee Homemade Wines Club member:

Tennessee Cider Co Cider

1. Receive Ciders, Too!

Here at Tennessee Homemade Wines we have more than a dozen different wine flavors available throughout the year to try, plus a rotating selection from our Experimental Series! What’s even better is now Wine Club members can choose selections from our sister establishment, Tennessee Cider Company, as part of their regular shipments! Choose from more than 20 different hard cider flavors, including choices like Pumpkin Pie, Peanut Butter, Spiced Apple, Chocolate Cherry and more! When making your selections, simply decide if you’d like wine, hard cider or even a little bit of both.

2. No Need To Leave Home

You never even have to leave home for a taste when you join the Tennessee Homemade Wines Club! Receive our delicious wines four times a year from the comfort of your own home! Live in a different state? No problem. We ship to most states across this country! You’ll receive shipments of our sweet Southern wines to your door in February, May, August and November. You can make all your selections online so you never have to leave home to get a taste of these great wines! 

3. Let Our Experts Pick Your Bottles

With so many great flavor choices, we understand it can be difficult to decide on which ones you want to try! Well, you don’t have to make the choices; we can do it for you! Our experts here at Tennessee Homemade Wines are experienced and knowledgeable in all things wine! Let us pick your wine bottles for you based on new flavors and ones we know folks routinely love. We’ll make sure to choose a variety of options, allowing you to try new wines while also enjoying the classics we know you love! 

TN Homemade Wines in Store

4. Save In Store and Online

One of the best parts of our Wine Club is the savings apply both in store and online! The discount you receive depends on which Wine Club level you choose (10% discount for Bronze, 15% for Silver, 20% for Gold, 25% for Platinum). Those savings are then applied to each and every purchase you make from Tennessee Homemade Wines and Tennessee Cider Company! When you have the chance to stop by town and visit us in person, those same online savings apply in person. So, what are you waiting for? Start saving today on the best wines you’ll find around these parts!

It’s time to start enjoying the best that Tennessee Homemade Wines has to offer! Check out all the great things you’ll receive when you sign up to be a part of our Wine Club!

December 2022
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