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4 Occasions to Pop Open a Bottle From Tennessee Homemade Wines

Tennessee Homemade Wines is all about a good time! We believe some of the best times in life are spent with our closest friends and family, catching up on all things life and sharing a bottle of the delicious Southern sweet wines from Tennessee Homemade Wines. At least that’s our own personal experience! There’s never a bad time to enjoy our Smoky Mountain wines, but some occasions just aren’t the same without it! Here are 4 occasions to pop open a bottle from Tennessee Homemade Wines:

TN Homemade Wines at a birthday picnick

1. Birthdays

We all get older; that’s just a part of life. Why not celebrate in style with the help of Tennessee Homemade Wines?! With a long list of different Smoky Mountain wines, both the birthday boy/girl and all your guests are sure to have the perfect carefully crafted concoction to sip on as you celebrate. Since Tennessee Homemade Wines delivers across the country, you can enjoy our bottles of wine no matter where you decide to throw your big birthday bash! Or, if you happen to be in the Smokies, head down to our Gatlinburg or Sevierville locations with your friends to celebrate with us as you enjoy delicious wines and mountain views to match.

2. Family Gatherings

Impress all members of your family by popping open a bottle from Tennessee Homemade Wines at your next get-together! We fully believe in sharing the love, and who better to start with than family? Whether you have a family gathering during the holidays or a cookout on the weekend, our Smoky Mountain wines are sure to elevate the experience for everyone. Get everyone together for Christmas and make our tasty Mulled Wine. Just add a packet of our Mulling Spices to your favorite bottle from Tennessee Homemade Wines, simmer and enjoy those familiar holiday aromas and flavors!

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3. Dinner in Your Smoky Mountain Cabin

Family dinner is surely a winner with our Smoky Mountain wines! If you happen to be staying in a cabin rental the next time you visit the Smokies, why not cook a meal together that the whole family can enjoy? Whether you make a classic family dish or try your hand at something completely new, make sure you have the perfect bottle to complement your dish. If you’re visiting with just your sweetheart, a homemade dinner from the comfort of your cabin can be full of romance!

4. To Unwind

After a long day of exploring everything spectacular the Smokies have to offer, you’ll surely want to unwind! Take a load off your feet, pour up a glass from Tennessee Homemade Wines and enjoy. Whether you opt for some peace and quiet from the comfort of your hotel balcony or cabin porch, or you want to spend time relaxing with the family, a glass of our Smoky Mountain wines means the ultimate relaxation experience. It’s about time you finally took some time for yourself!

We hope you make the most of these occasions to pop open a bottle from Tennessee Homemade Wines! Have our Smoky Mountains wines shipped straight to your front door by joining The Club so you can enjoy our wines all year long, no matter the occasion. Our wine and cider club sends you shipments of wine 4 times a year at a discounted price.

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