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Perfect Pairings: Top Foods to Have With Our Smoky Mountain Wines

If the Smoky Mountains are calling your name, then so too are our Smoky Mountain wines!  Here at Tennessee Homemade Wines, we specialize in making sweet Southern wines from local ingredients with plenty of Southern hospitality poured into each bottle! We offer more than a dozen flavors of sweet wines, plus several more from our Experimental Series, a great lineup of flavors that includes some seasonal options throughout the year! With so many choices, you might be wondering what foods go well with which wines. Here are several food pairings for our Smoky Mountain wines:

Proper Peach

1. Proper Peach Wine with Spicy & Smoky Foods

Our Proper Peach Wine uses fresh peaches picked by local farmers to make a sweet and smooth summer wine, best served ice cold! It’s like stopping by a roadside stand to grab the freshest peaches you’ve ever had! This wine pairs well with foods that have either a spicy or smoky flavor profile. The sweet nature of this wine provides the perfect balance for foods with a kick! The summer-like taste of Proper Peach Wine is a perfect match for smoked flavors, including cheeses like gouda or even some Smoky Mountain BBQ!


2. Blueberry Wine with Cheesecake or Nuts

Our Blueberry Wine takes fresh whole blueberries to create an off-the-vine flavor! This Smoky Mountain wine is one of the most popular at Tennessee Homemade Wines! This rich and decadent wine pairs well with any dessert, but especially cheesecake! The creaminess of the cheesecake goes perfectly with the sweetness of the blueberries in this wine. If you’re looking for a snack to have with this wine, consider grazing on some nuts! Almonds, hazelnuts and pecans are all great to try with Blueberry Wine!

Apple Porchard

3. Apple Orchard Wine with Apple Pie or Blue Cheese

Our Apple Orchard Wine uses a combination of locally grown apples to build a wine that’s light and clean with a delicious apple flavor that tastes like apple pie! The smooth and rich flavors of this Smoky Mountain wine make it a popular choice for visitors. Up the apple pie flavor by pairing it with, well, more apple pie! You can never have too much of that classic apple pie taste! This wine also goes well with a strong-tasting, melt-in-your-mouth cheese like a blue cheese!

Southern Red

4. Southern Red Wine with Meats

Our Southern Red Wine is a semi-sweet blended wine with aromas of black cherry, cranberry with notes of clove and cardamom! It includes cranberry and fig flavors with notes of allspice and a medium-bodied finish. Our Southern Red Wine pairs well with all kinds of meats! Gather around your own dinner table for a steak dinner complete with Southern Red Wine on a date night at home! The umami and high fat content in meat balances well with the tannins in this wine! 

Now that you know what to eat with our Smoky Mountain wines, did you know you can have all of these great wines delivered straight to your front door?! Take a look at all our wines and order a bottle today!

November 2022
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