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3 Reasons To Stock Up at Tennessee Homemade Wines

Some of the best tasting wines around are just waiting to be enjoyed at Tennessee Homemade Wines! Our collection of Southern Sweet wines will surely blow your mind with an authentic Smoky Mountain taste that can only be found at Tennessee Homemade Wines! We offer dozens of wines, ranging from simple to sweet with that perfect bottle available no matter the occasion or time of year. Here are 3 reasons to stock up at Tennessee Homemade Wines:

1. You Won’t Find These Wines Anywhere Else

These Smoky Mountain wines are unlike anything you’ve had before! Our wines are made using local recipes — some of which date back more than 100 years — and produced locally in our winery. These wines range from classics like Southern Red, Southern White and Classic Grape to special fruity choices like Strawberry, Mountain Berry and Old Apple to unique wines from our Experimental Series! This rotating collection of Smoky Mountain wines includes some seasonal options like Winter Harvest as well as choices bursting with not-so-typical wine flavors like Mountain Chocolate, Cotton Clouds and Peanut Butter & Jelly. Enjoy complimentary wine tastings at Tennessee Homemade Wines to decide which bottles you’d like to stock up on.

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2. Impress Your Friends Back Home

You’re going to love our wines so much that you’ll want to share it with those closest to you! Spread the love by bringing several bottles from Tennessee Homemade Wines back home with you. Time with your girlfriends gets even better when you pop open a bottle of our Smoky Mountain wines as you regale them with tales of all your adventures in the Smokies! Good wine always makes for a good time. There’s just something special about sharing a bottle of wine with those you love the most. 

Maples Reserve

3. Prepare For Important Events

It’s not a party until someone brings something from Tennessee Homemade Wines! Make sure to have bottles from Tennessee Homemade Wines on hand for your next important event. Whether it be a birthday party, a family reunion, a wedding or any other event, your guests will be grinning from ear to ear while sipping on our Smoky Mountain wines! You as the host will love the opportunity to share the liquid gold you discovered in the Smoky Mountains. A true taste of the Smokies begins and ends at Tennessee Homemade Wines!

Wines Straight To Your Front Door

You don’t even have to get up off the couch to purchase bottles from Tennessee Homemade Wines! We can ship our Smoky Mountain wines straight to your front door! 

The Club is our wine and cider club reserved for the biggest wine lovers! Members of The Club receive 4 shipments of wine and/or cider each year at a discounted price and with additional perks! 

We offer 4 different club packages so you can pick the one that best satisfies all of your wine needs. Choose which wines you’d like delivered or let us pick them for you. Discounts for members of The Club apply both in person and online.

There are plenty of great reasons to stock up on Smoky Mountain wines at Tennessee Homemade Wines, whether you visit in person or make your purchases online! Learn more about why you should have these Smoky Mountain wines shipped to your front door!

July 2023
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