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3 Reasons Why You'll Love the Hot Chocolate Mix at Tennessee Homemade Wines

How do you stay warm in the Smoky Mountains during the winter? For some, it’s a crackling campfire. For others it may be a dip in a private hot tub or gathering the whole family around the fireplace. Our favorite way to stay warm is with the hot chocolate mix from Tennessee Homemade Wines! This new addition to the Tennessee Homemade Wines lineup provides a sweet familiar taste that is perfect for winter in the Smokies. Here are 3 reasons you’ll love the hot chocolate mix at Tennessee Homemade Wines:

hot chocolate mix

1. Perfect for a Chilly Smoky Mountain Day

There’s no better way to stay warm in the winter than with our hot chocolate mix! Grab a pack of this delicious mix, combine it with your favorite wine from Tennessee Homemade Wines, and you’ll be left with a magical concoction perfect for those chilly Smoky Mountain days! We recommend enjoying this delicious treat with your significant other, perhaps on the back porch of your Smoky Mountain cabin rental as you take in incredible mountain views. This mix will be a big hit at winter parties as your guests enjoy the best of both worlds – a little sweetness mixed with relaxing vibes!

2. A Sweet Burst of Flavor & Energy

Savory chocolate flavors brilliantly blend with the flavors of the wine you choose to mix with our hot chocolate mix! We recommend blending our mix with our Mountain Chocolate, Mountain S’more or Raspberry Truffle wines for the best flavor combinations! No matter what wine from Tennessee Homemade Wines you choose to use with our hot chocolate mix, you’ll end up with a drink full of flavor with the perfect amount of sweetness. Not to mention, that little bit of sugar will open your eyes and have you ready for all the exploring on the horizon for you and your family in the Smoky Mountains!

mountain smores

3. Unique Fun Drink Creations

Not only are these beverages tasty; they’re also fun! You can make a long list of unique drink creations when using our hot chocolate mix! Toss some marshmallows on top for an adult hot chocolate that reminds you of how grandma used to make it! If mixing it with our Raspberry Truffle Wine, some freshly picked raspberries on top make a great addition with a special look! How could you forget about whipped cream to top it all off or even some chocolate chips to throw in?! 

Another Treat to Stay Warm

Our hot chocolate mix isn’t the only treat from Tennessee Homemade Wines that will keep you warm! Our mulling spices are a must-try! Combine this mix with your favorite wine, slow simmer and you’ll have a cozy winter treat! 

That familiar holiday aroma will fill your house and surround all your guests with loving holiday vibes. Just one package makes a full gallon of mulled wine, so you’ll have plenty to go around for all your guests! If you love mulled wine, check out our mulling spices bundle and receive 2 bottles of Old Apple Wine, 2 bottles of Southern Red Wine and 2 packages of our mulling spices!

As you can see, our hot chocolate mix is a big hit! Before you visit us, check out all of our wine flavors at Tennessee Homemade Wines to determine which one you think would be best to go along with your hot chocolate mix!

February 2023
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