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4 of Our Sweet Smoky Mountain Wines That Make the Perfect Dessert

At Tennessee Homemade Wines, we produce the finest sweet wines in the Smoky Mountains! Our extensive selection of wines includes a little bit of everything, ensuring you have exactly what you need, no matter the occasion. One such occasion is dessert! We offer several sweet choices that make for the perfect dessert or pair well with a post-meal treat! So, pull up a seat and pour up a glass with these 4 sweet, Smoky Mountain wines that make the perfect dessert:

Mountain Chocolate Wine by Tennessee Homemade Wines

1. Mountain Chocolate

Chocolate is always first, of course! One of the wines from our Experimental Series, our Mountain Chocolate wine flavor is a carefully crafted blend of rich, creamy chocolate milk, Irish Creme and wine! To-die-for velvety chocolate flavors combine for a rich, decadent finish when you enjoy this wine! Mountain Chocolate is an extremely versatile wine with a multitude of ways to consume. Drink it chilled by itself, mix it in a cocktail or combine it with a sweet milkshake! When cold weather rolls in, combine this wine with hot chocolate for the perfect drink that’ll keep you warm! Other ways to enjoy include mixing with coffee, chocolate or your favorite flavor of ice cream!

2. Strawberry Cream

Strawberry milk for adults! What could be better?! Our Strawberry Cream flavor is another selection from the Experimental Series at Tennessee Homemade Wines. Tropical punch and bubble gum flavors combine with the scent of strawberry soft-serve ice cream in our Strawberry Cream wine! This sweet Southern wine can be enjoyed chilled on its own, mixed together as part of a special cocktail or mixed in with a milkshake! This wine makes for a perfect drink pairing with traditional desserts, particularly those that include flavors like chocolate, berries or even vanilla.

3. Blueberry

One of the most popular wines here at Tennessee Homemade Wines, our Blueberry flavor uses whole berries, fresh off the vine, to create a wine that’s both sweet and smooth! The delicious flavors of fresh blueberries grown here in the Smoky Mountains come through in this wine that will leave you feeling refreshed! Our Blueberry Wine features the perfect amount of sweetness to make it a great dessert option on its own. It pairs perfectly with chocolate desserts, such as tortes, mousses and truffles.

Cotton Clouds by Tennessee Homemade Wines

4. Cotton Clouds

Remember those childhood trips to the state fair or the circus? Your world improved drastically when your parents would allow you to grab a bag of cotton candy! Well, our Cotton Clouds flavor tastes just like cotton candy! Another choice from our Experimental Series, Cotton Clouds is a medium-bodied sweet rosé with bubble gum and strawberry flavors, along with aromas of strawberry and raspberry! This delicious wine feels like drinking dessert from a glass! Cotton Clouds pairs well with sweet and salty treats.

Our two Smoky Mountain locations offer tastings so you can try these delicious wines before you settle on the right options to buy! Our wine is also available for purchase online for when you can’t make it to see us in person. See all of our sweet Smoky Mountain wines to decide on what bottle you should buy for dessert!

October 2022
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