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12 Wine Days of Christmas: Smoky Mountain Wines to Sip on Around Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me — more wine than I could believe! Here at Tennessee Homemade Wines, we’re celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas in the only way we know how — with wine! Enjoy the very best of Christmas with some unique and delicious sweet Southern wines! Here are 12 Smoky Mountains wines to sip on around Christmas:

Mulled Wine

1. Mulled Wine

Nothing says Christmas quite like that familiar smell and taste of mulled wine! Mulled Wine is an alcoholic beverage that includes wine and various mulling spices. We offer mulling spices for purchase so you can create your own mulled wine at home! Simply mix the mulling spices with your favorite wine from Tennessee Homemade Wines, and you’ll have delicious mulled wine for all your Christmas celebrations!

Sparkling Peach

2. Sparkling Peach

Peach flavors and bubbles dance around your mouth when you have a taste of our Sparkling Peach Wine! Featuring tropical peach and passionfruit flavors, this wine brings a taste of summer to a cold winter in the Smoky Mountains! Pop open a bottle during Christmas dinner to celebrate the occasion or save it for New Year’s Eve with your sweetheart.

Southern White

3. Southern White 

Calling all moscato lovers! Our Southern White Wine is the finest moscato you’ll find in the Smokies! This sweet dessert wine is made from the sweetest white grapes found in Tennessee! Featuring a light sweet fruit flavor, this Smoky Mountain wine is great paired with dessert or even to enjoy on its own as your after-meal treat!

White Label

4. White Label

We’re giving you not 1, but 2 great moscato options! Our White Label Wine is a sweet dessert wine with our own twist! Take everyone on the back porch of your cabin rental where you look at the stars and count your blessings on Christmas night! This makes the perfect pair with a sweet dessert like peach cobbler or apple pie!

Southern Red

5. Southern Red

The flavors in our Southern Red Wine are unbelievable! Featuring cranberry and fig with notes of allspice, this Smoky Mountain wine produces a medium bodied finish with aromas of black cherry, cranberry, clove and cardamom! If you enjoy red wine, you’ll love a glass of our Southern Red!

Apple Orchard

6. Apple Orchard

Do you love apple pie? If you do, our Apple Orchard Wine is for you! Made from locally grown apples, this perfectly blended wine produces a clean and delicious crisp apple flavor that reminds you of grandma’s apple pie! Nothing says winter is coming quite like apples falling off the tree!

Red Muscadine

7. Red Muscadine

Sweet and tart from the start, our Red Muscadine Wine is the perfect Smoky Mountain wine for Christmas! You’ll be getting a true taste of the South when trying this wine! Using a recipe that gets the most unique flavor out of muscadine grapes, this wine is both smooth and rich.

Maples Reserve

8. Maples Reserve

Our Maples Reserve is the most exclusive wine ever released by Tennessee Homemade Wines! This blend of Rougeon, Marquette and Chambourcin grapes makes for a wine that is full of complex flavors! Black cherry, black currant, blueberry and plum flavors are all featured in this Smoky Mountain wine.

Old Apple

9. Old Apple

Have you ever heard of the “cooking apple''? That’s what’s used in our Old Apple Wine! The cooking apple is an odd-shaped, rough-skinned apple that generations before us used to make jams, jellies and fried pies! The result is a wine that’s light, clean and deliciously crisp.


10. Blueberry

Flavor, flavor, flavor! Our Blueberry Wine is full of it! One of the most popular wines at Tennessee Homemade Wines, this flavor starts with fresh, off-the-vine, ripened blueberries to create a wine that’s both sweet and smooth! 

Mountain Chocolate

11. Mountain Chocolate

We found the cure for your sweet tooth! Our Mountain Chocolate Wine is a tasty blend of rich, creamy chocolate milk and Irish Creme! Enjoy these decadent chocolate flavors layered with a velvety finish! Drink it alone or mix it with a milkshake or in a cocktail for a special treat!


12. Blackberry

Generations of East Tennesseans have grown up picking blackberries just right off the side of the road! Our point is, we know blackberries! Made with native blackberries, this Smoky Mountain wine is a sweet and smooth Southern favorite! 

So many great Smoky Mountain wines to choose from this Christmas, it’s hard to know where to begin! Don’t miss any of these great flavors by joining our Wine Club! You’ll receive 4 shipments of wine each year to your front door at a discounted price!

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