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5 Smoky Mountain Wines to Enjoy This Spring

The Smoky Mountains heard you need a vacation, and if you listen closely you’ll hear them calling your name! The spring is a great time to enjoy the picturesque Smoky Mountains and all the fun you’ll find. A spring visit to the Smokies isn’t complete without a trip to Tennessee Homemade Wines, where we specialize in crafting delicious sweet Southern wines that will leave your taste buds jumping with joy! Here are 5 of our Smoky Mountain wines to enjoy this spring:

1. Strawberry

Nothing says spring quite like the delicious taste of fresh strawberries! Our Strawberry Wine comes straight from strawberry fields before it's poured into the bottle, giving you a true taste of the Smoky Mountains! The incredible flavor you’ll enjoy from this wine comes from the fresh berries we use to make it. The tasting experience starts off with a sweet and familiar strawberry flavor before turning to a light and refreshing finish. It’s a true taste of the Smoky Mountains packed into a bottle! 


2. Passion Fruit

We’re gonna go out on a limb and guess you’ve never tasted a passion fruit wine! Well this selection from our Smoky Mountain wines is well worth it! Our Passion Fruit Wine features a flavor that’s full of citrus followed by a tropical finish! This sweet fruit wine is a delicious mix of sweetness and tartness, combining to create a taste that’s both delight and exotic. Mix it up the next time you’re at Tennessee Homemade Wines and try our Passion Fruit Wine! 

passion fruit

3. Southern White

A moscato like our Southern White Wine is a great choice to enjoy as the temperatures warm up and gorgeous flowers bloom in the Smoky Mountains! This Smoky Mountain wine is a sweet dessert wine made from the sweetest white grapes around in Tennessee! Light, sweet and full of that delicious fruit flavor, our Southern White Wine was created with the intention of eating it with some incredible desserts. You’ll definitely want to grab a bottle to take back to your cabin!

southern white

4. Raspberry Truffle

Raspberry Truffle is another unique creation from Tennessee Homemade Wines that you’re going to love! The fresh raspberries used in this Smoky Mountain Wine make for a taste that’s both freshly sweet and tart while the truffles add an element that’s earthy and musky, making for a complete taste that’s unique to anything you’ve tried before! This wine is from our Experimental Series, a collection of out-of-the-box wines thought of and crafted by Tennessee Homemade Wines!

raspberry truffle

5. Strawberry Creme

Travel back in time by enjoying some sips of this adult strawberry milk! Our Strawberry Creme Wine features aromas of strawberry soft-serve ice cream with incredible flavors that include bubble gum and tropical punch. There’s a number of ways to enjoy this Smoky Mountain wine like chilled on its own, in a special cocktail or when combined to make a milkshake. This Experimental Series wine will blow you away when you enjoy it with your favorite desserts!

strawberry creme

You can’t go wrong enjoying a bottle of these Smoky Mountain wines in the spring! If you love wine, we suggest checking out The Club, our wine and cider club that delivers regular discounted shipments to your front door!

March 2023
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