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5 Smoky Mountain Wines to Enjoy This Winter

Are you a wine lover?! Are you heading to the Smoky Mountains this winter? If so, we’ve got some treats for you! Here at Tennessee Homemade Wines we pour Southern hospitality and back-home comfort into each bottle of our delicious sweet Southern wines! You won’t believe the great flavors of wines we’ve created! Here are 5 Smoky Mountain wines to enjoy this winter:

Sparkling Peach

1. Sparkling Peach

Some delicious peach bubbly gets us started! Our Sparkling Peach Wine features wonderful peach flavors and bubbles that dance around your mouth! This sweet bubbly comes packed with tropical peach and passionfruit flavors! It’s a nice change of pace for winter that allows you to feel as if you escaped to a sun-kissed beach for a few moments! Pop open a bottle at New Year’s and replace your usual champagne with a bottle of this sweet Sparkling Peach!

Mulling Spices

2. Mulled Wine

You have to try our mulled wine! Also known as spiced wine, mulled wine is an alcoholic drink that includes wine and various tasty mulling spices! We offer mulling spices for purchase to create your own mulled wine at home! Simply mix the mulling spices with your favorite wine from Tennessee Homemade Wines and you’ll have delicious mulled wine for the holidays! As you heat your mulled wine, that familiar holiday aroma fills the air and your nose! 

Maples Reserve

3. Maples Reserve

Our Maples Reserve is the most exclusive wine released by Tennessee Homemade Wines! You’ve yet to experience a wine this delicious! Maples Reserve is a beautiful blend of Rougeon, Marquette and Chambourcin grapes that includes a blend of fully ripe dark berry flavors including black cherry, black currant, blueberries and plum. You won’t believe just how complex these flavors are! Enjoy it on New Year’s served slightly chilled or at room temperature for a great end-of-the-year celebration!

southern White

4. Southern White Wine

Don’t miss out on our version of moscato here at Tennessee Homemade Wines! Our Southern White Wine is sweet dessert wine made from the sweetest white grapes Tennessee has to offer! Pair it with a tasty homemade dessert at Christmas dinner to really enjoy the best of this wine! Or, with enough sweetness on its own, enjoy a glass as your dessert! You can even celebrate New Year’s Eve with a glass of this tasty sweet wine!


5. Strawberry Wine

Strawberry Wine has long been a favorite of folks who visit Tennessee Homemade Wines! One of our finest Smoky Mountain wines, Strawberry Wine starts off sweet with a remarkable light refreshing finish. We use fresh strawberries to create a wine that’s enjoyable at all times of the year! This sweet wine provides a nice distraction from the cold winter months! Enjoy a bottle in the hot tub at your cabin as you take in beautiful mountain views, or pop open a bottle during the holidays to wow your guests with a wine unlike anything they’ve tasted before! 

These Smoky Mountain wines are great treats during winter! If you love wine as much as we do, we suggest checking out our Wine Club! Receive wine shipments to your front door 4 times a year at a discounted price!

November 2022
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