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4 Smoky Mountain Wines to Pair With a Home Cooked Romantic Dinner 

Why spend the extra money on a romantic candlelight dinner at an expensive restaurant? Keep both your stomach and wallet full by cooking a delicious meal together that can be enjoyed alongside our palate-pleasing Smoky Mountain wines, all from the comfort of your private Smoky Mountain cabin rental! Our Smoky Mountain wines are sure to go down smoothly with a mouth-watering steak or a generations-old family recipe. Here are 4 Smoky Mountain wines to pair with a home cooked romantic dinner:

1. Maples Reserve

We’ve reserved the very best for you and your sweetheart! Maples Reserve is a perfect blend of Rougeon, Marquette and Chambourcin grapes with a taste elevated by a delicious blend of ripe dark berry flavors like blueberries, black cherry, black currant and plum! Featuring complex flavors of deliciousness, our most exclusive wine ever released makes the perfect drink to sip on while enjoying a romantic dinner with the love of your life. This wine goes down with a clean finish each and every time! Enjoy this wine chilled to make the fruit flavors pop even more or serve it at room temperature to highlight the warm herbal tones.

Maples Reserve

2. Apple Orchard

Locally grown apples are the true star of the show in our Apple Orchard wine! We start with these fresh apples to make a perfectly blended wine that features a light, clean and deliciously crisp apple flavor, tasting just like a warm slice of apple pie fresh out of the oven! Yum! Enjoy this favorite among our Smoky Mountain wines with your meal for a true taste of the Smoky Mountains or save it for the very end to enjoy it as a sweet treat. You won’t find an apple pie taste as authentic and fresh as this one!

Apple Orchard

3. Chardonnay

A bottle of chardonnay makes the perfect complement to many different home cooked romantic dinners! Our Chardonnay is a semi-sweet white wine made for fellow sophisticates. Light chicken dishes with savory cream sauces pair perfectly with the crisp taste of our Chardonnay. Seafood dishes like salmon and shrimp pop even more when paired alongside this delicious Chardonnay. Here’s a pro tip: make your own charcuterie board to enjoy with our Chardonnay!

Chardonnay by Tennessee Homemade Wines

4. Southern Red

If you’re looking for a tasty red wine to enjoy with your romantic dinner, Southern Red makes an excellent choice! This semi-sweet blended wine is the perfect selection for those who want to experience the consistency of a red with a small taste of the Smoky Mountains. Enjoy the refreshing flavors of cranberry and fig with additional notes of allspice alongside sweet aromas of black cherry, cranberry and notes of clove and cardamom. This wine produces a medium-bodied finish and makes an excellent complement to a home cooked romantic dinner.

Southern Red

You and your sweetheart deserve a night to yourselves, enjoying a home cooked romantic dinner and our Smoky Mountains wines! Check out these great reasons why couples love Tennessee Homemade Wines!

July 2023
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