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5 Smoky Mountain Wines to Try This Winter

Cozy up with one of our Smoky Mountain wines this winter! When the temperatures plummet and a winter wonderland pulled from a motion picture emerges, you need something tasty to keep you warm. Something full of flavors sure to please your palate in a way they’ve never experienced before! Our wines make the perfect choice to sip on at dinner, when relaxing by the fireplace or to share with friends and family back home this winter. Here are 5 Smoky Mountain wines to try this winter:

1. Mountain Latte

You’re going to love this one a whole latte! Mountain Latte is a wine that seamlessly blends the eye-opening flavor of freshly brewed coffee in a creamy and rich wine. Roasted coffee notes in this jolt of java remind you of those early morning sips on the back deck of a Smoky Mountain cabin as the sun rises over stunning scenery! Choose to sip on this wine chilled or warm for a unique tasting experience or add a bit of it to your real coffee. This wine does contain dairy.

Mountain Latte wine by Tennessee Homemade Wines.

2. Winter Harvest

Freeze right there! It’s time you learn about the magic of ice wine! Winter Harvest is what’s referred to as an ice wine, meaning the Vidal grapes used to create it were harvested after they had naturally frozen on the vine. This method of French dessert winemaking helps to produce a one-of-a-kind, semi-sweet flavor featuring notes of honey dew melon, peach cobbler and golden raisin. Pair it with a sweet or savory treat for a flavor combination that you can’t get enough of!

Winter Harvest wine by Tennessee Homemade Wines.

3. Mountain S’more

Feel all gooey inside with the help of our Mountain S’more! The Smoky Mountain pastime of making these sweet treats with friends and family has been squeezed into a bottle of wine for you to enjoy. Savor that familiar roasted marshmallow taste in combination with flavors of decadent chocolate, graham crackers and campfire notes. Skip the traditional mess of s’mores when you sample Mountain S’more. This delicious flavor is s’more than enough to keep you warm this winter!

Mountain S'more wine by Tennessee Homemade Wines.

4. Maple’s Reserve Red

Experience luxury in a bottle! Maple’s Reserve Red is Tennessee Homemade Wine’s most exclusive wine ever produced, featuring a smooth blend of Rougeon, Marquette and Chambourcin grapes. Dark berry flavors of blueberry, black cherry, black currant and plum tickle the tongue with a terrific taste sure to delight. This complex collection of flavors makes for a premium wine with a soothing taste unlike any other.

Maples Reserve Red Wine by Tennessee Homemade Wines.

5. Chardonnay

Chardonnay? More like chardon-hey! This wine is sure to grab your attention with its incredible flavor profile! Our Chardonnay is a semi-sweet white wine that’s both crisp and refreshing. If you’re a chardonnay lover, you won’t be let down by the special taste of this wine. It’s like being wrapped in a warm Smoky Mountain embrace!

Chardonnay by Tennessee Homemade Wines.

We can’t wait for you to try these Smoky Mountain wines this winter! Sample our wines before ever buying with our complimentary tastings! Learn more about what you’ll love about our wine tastings in Gatlinburg and Sevierville!

January 2024
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