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6 of Our Smoky Mountain Wines to Use in Cocktails

Mix things up the next time you grab a bottle of our Smoky Mountain wines — literally! One of the things people love about Tennessee Homemade Wines is just how unique our wines are. That makes for plenty of options when it comes to crafting creative cocktails! Whether you wish to make an old classic or your own special concoction, you can’t go wrong mixing our wines to add a terrific twist to your next celebration. Here are 6 of our Smoky Mountain wines to use in cocktails:

1. Mountain Chocolate

Mmmm, chocolate! Decadent chocolate flavors inside our Mountain Chocolate make it a must for the perfect after-dinner treat! This velvety blend of rich chocolate milk and Irish Creme flavors offer endless possibilities as far as dessert cocktails are concerned. Mix it with your favorite ice cream to make an adult milkshake or even create a chocolate espresso martini by combining it with coffee and vodka. 

Mountain Chocolate

2. Strawberry Creme

Chocolate not your thing? Perhaps strawberries are! Strawberry Creme is full of delicious flavors that lends itself to making some berry special cocktails! Just like our Mountain Chocolate, you can mix Strawberry Creme with ice cream for a milkshake full of flavor and creaminess. Throw in some whipped cream vodka and you have a delicious strawberry creamsicle cocktail.

Strawberry Creme

3. Watermelon Crawl

Cool off your summer with the refreshing flavors of Watermelon Crawl! Highlight the semi-sweet watermelon flavors of this wine by mixing it with a splash of vodka and soda water for the perfect drink to enjoy at the beach or by the pool. Combine with rum and lime juice for a delicious watermelon limeade that features the perfect combination of sweet and tart flavors.

Watermelon Creme

4. Sparkling Peach

Peach is one of the most versatile flavors out there, making it perfect for a number of different cocktails! Our Sparkling Peach is sweet, bubbly and full of tropical peach and passion fruit flavors that make it one of our most delightful Smoky Mountain wines. Use it to make an incredible peach bellini or even perfect your own peach wine spritzer! 

Sparkling Peach

5. Lemonade Sangria

Enjoy the delectable combination of sweet and tart, mixed together beautifully in our Lemonade Sangria! The perfect refreshment for a sweltering day, you won’t believe all the flavor sure to provide a jubilant jolt to your tongue! Combine with your favorite fresh fruits and a touch of lemon flavored rum for a rum sangria. Throw in some limoncello and club soda for a limoncello sangria that transports you to Italy.

Lemonade Sangria

6. Big Orange Sangria

Citrus lovers rejoice! Big Orange Sangria is packed with your favorite citrus flavors you won’t be able to get enough of! Serve this wine “Big Al’s Way,” on top of ice and topped with fresh oranges, blackberries, strawberries and grapefruit, for a true sangria full of even more authentic fruit flavor. Try your hand at making a blood orange and wine sour by adding gin, simple syrup and an egg white for a truly unique cocktail.

Big Orange Sangria

Our Smoky Mountain wines are meant to be experimented with! Perhaps you’ll even come up with a few of your own cocktail ideas by exploring all of our Smoky Mountain wines!

November 2023
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