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6 Tennessee Wines to Celebrate With at Your Next Gathering

Every big gathering has a checklist of necessities! Good food — check. Even better people — check. Delicious wine from Tennessee Homemade Wines — check! With these items you’re all set for a memorable time with the ones you’re closest with. So, as you set the table for your next get together, don’t forget smooth sips of southern sweet wine that all your guests can enjoy. Here are 6 Tennessee wines to celebrate with at your next gathering:

1. Apple Orchard

Prepare to rock your guests to their core with Apple Orchard from Tennessee Homemade Wines! Who would’ve guessed it’s possible to fit the comforting, familiar flavor of apple pie into a bottle? Locally grown apples are used to perfect a taste full of crisp apple flavors with a finish that tastes just like the apple pie you’re used to enjoying at family functions. Trust us: Apple Orchard is soon to be the apple of your eye!

Tennessee Homemade Wines Apple Orchard wine bottle.

2. Pumpkin Pie

If apple pie isn’t your favorite homemade dessert, maybe pumpkin pie is. If that’s the case, you have to give our Pumpkin Pie wine a try! Flavors that mimic those heart warming pumpkin spice lattes at your favorite coffee shop make Pumpkin Pie one of the favorites among our Tennessee wines! Cozy cinnamon spices and flavorful pumpkin flavors meet to provide you with a wine perfect to celebrate the holidays.

Tennessee Homemade Wines Pumpkin Pie wine bottle.

3. White Label

No gathering is complete without a delicious dessert to top the meal off! White Label is a sweet dessert wine made from fermented fresh white grapes. Are you a moscato lover? This sweet wine is our very own Smoky Mountain twist on moscato! We intentionally created this wine to perfectly pair with desserts thanks to its sweet flavor profile, something all your guests will surely appreciate at the end of your event.

Tennessee Homemade Wines White Label wine bottle.

4. Winter Harvest

Ice, ice, baby! Winter Harvest is what’s known in the wine world as an ice wine, meaning it was crafted using grapes that were naturally frozen while still on the vine. We let our thick skinned Vidal grapes stay on the vine until the cold weather arrives to freeze them. We then press these frozen grapes to produce one of our most unique Tennessee wines. You’ll recognize flavors of honeydew, melon, golden raisin and peach cobbler all combining in one unforgettable wine!

Tennessee Homemade Wines Winter Harvest wine bottle.

5. Southern Rosé 

Southern sweet wines are what Tennessee Homemade Wines does best, so it’s only right we had to produce our very own rosé! One of the newer additions to our extensive lineup of wines, Southern Rosé offers a sweetness sure to impress your guests. Pair it with seafood, pork or tomato-based dishes for the perfect flavor combination at your next gathering.

Tennessee Homemade Wines Southern Rose wine bottle.

6. Sparkling Peach

Need some bubbly? Behold the bubbly beauty of Sparkling Peach! Whether it be at a New Year’s get together or any other celebration, Sparkling Peach is a must for those who crave a little carbonation. Refreshing peach flavors dance around the tongue in excitement while notes of tropical peach and passion fruit shine through.

Tennessee Homemade Wines Sparking Peach wine bottle.

These terrific Tennessee wines are the missing piece of the puzzle to put your next gathering over the top! Tennessee Homemade Wines is your go-to source for the best wines in Tennessee! It’s the reason we’re a TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice award winner, after all!

December 2023
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