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4 Ways Our Tennessee Winery Feels Like Home

Will a piece of your heart always reside in the Smoky Mountains? You aren’t alone! Many travelers find their heart gets left here in the Smoky Mountains!  Stunning scenic views, one-of-a-kind activities and, of course, homegrown wines made in the longstanding Smoky Mountain tradition make our mountain escape feel like home. Home isn’t necessarily the place that keeps a roof over your head as much as it's a place where you feel the most alive! Here are 4 ways our Tennessee winery feels like home:

1. Smooth Wines Infused With Love

Here at our Tennessee winery, we’re passionate about all things related to wine! It’s long been a tradition for our family to produce the best Tennessee sweet wine around for visitors and locals alike to enjoy. Two things are required to produce these delicious sips: fresh fruits and plenty of love! It’s our responsibility to carry on this tradition and we do so with respect for the generations that came before us, using the same successful recipes and techniques to produce delicious wines that hit the spot each time. You can feel the love in each drop!

2. A Relaxing Atmosphere

Any cozy home is filled with love! At home, everyone feels comfortable and welcome at all times. That’s what you’ll find at Tennessee Homemade Wines! Our Tennessee winery invites you to come join our family for a day. At our locations in both Gatlinburg and Sevierville, you’ll feel welcome in an environment designed to foster bonding with family and friends. Sip on authentic tastes of the Smokies as you’re surrounded by all of your favorite things about the Smoky Mountains. Take a break from all of your excursions with a memorable experience enjoying the best wines the Smokies have to offer!

Free wine tasting at Tennessee Homemade Wines in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

3. Smiling Faces & Southern Hospitality

The relaxing atmosphere you’ll find at Tennessee Homemade Wines starts with the people! From the moment you step foot into our Tennessee winery, you’ll feel welcome thanks to plenty of smiling faces and a healthy helping of southern hospitality. Need a wine recommendation? Our staff is happy to help you make a selection based on your personal preferences. Learn more about how these wines are produced by chatting with one of our team members. 

Free wines tasting area at Tennessee Homemade Wines in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

4. Family Fun In Every Direction

The memories you make in the Smoky Mountains are bound to last a lifetime! Like something from a movie, you’ll be surrounded by beauty and unique excitement no matter where you head. From hiking to shopping, attraction hopping, wining and dining, there’s something fun for everyone in your family to take part in. No matter which adventures you choose, our Tennessee winery makes the perfect place to stop for the ultimate relaxation once you’re done! Kick back Smoky Mountain style with a sweet southern wine in hand as you enjoy the company of your loved ones.

We can’t wait to welcome you into our happy home with open arms when you make a trip to our Tennessee winery! Explore our wines before you ever arrive to begin thinking about what you’ll have to try!

January 2024
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