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What to Expect When You Visit Our Winery in Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg is calling! More importantly, so too are our Smoky Mountain wines! Tennessee Homemade Wines is where to head if you’re in search of a delicious drink and a good time in a laid back atmosphere filled with the distinct charm of the Smoky Mountains. Locally made sweet southern wines are just the tip of the iceberg of what you’ll find at Tennessee Homemade Wines in Gatlinburg. Here is what to expect when you visit our winery in Gatlinburg:

1. Locally Made Wines

Ah, the good stuff! These aren’t just any wines at our winery in Gatlinburg; they’re locally made wines, crafted using age-old recipes and fresh fruits to produce a taste that reflects the spirit of the Smoky Mountains! These wines are full of delicious flavor and pay homage to the hospitality and heritage of Appalachia. From classic favorites, like Southern Red, Old Apple and Maples Reserve, to one-of-a-kind flavors from our Experimental Series, such as Sparkling Peach, Raspberry Truffle and Mountain Chocolate, there’s a choice for everyone at Tennessee Homemade Wines.

Sparkling Peach by Tennessee Homemade Wines in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

2. Complimentary Tastings

Dozens of flavors of locally made wines means you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Narrow down the choices that pique your interest and find the perfect wine by taking part in a complimentary tasting at our winery in Gatlinburg! We offer free tastings 7 days a week so you can try before you buy. A VIP tasting experience costs just $5, giving you the option of trying as many wines as you’d like, plus our wine slushies, perfect to keep cool on a warm day in the Smokies!

3. Southern Hospitality at its Finest

The way we see it, wine lovers are all a part of one big happy family! You’ll be treated as such as soon as you step foot into our winery in Gatlinburg! Our team members share this passion for wine and are more than happy to go above and beyond. Need a recommendation? Our friendly staff can help by making suggestions based on your personal preferences and answering any questions you may have. 

Free wine tasting in Gatlinburg at Tennessee Homemade Wines.

4. A Good Time

You’re likely to walk out of Tennessee Homemade Wines holding onto at least a couple of things: a bottle of wine and memories from an incredible experience! We’re all about having a good time at our winery in Gatlinburg! Folks from all over as well as locals head to our winery to enjoy the fellowship as much as the wine. Have a blast with the family or even meet new friends. Tennessee Homemade Wine is more than a winery; it's an authentic Smoky Mountain experience you don’t want to miss! 

5. Captivating Ciders Around the Corner

If you love our Smoky Mountain wines, give the hard ciders a try! Our sister establishment, Tennessee Cider Company, serves locally made hard ciders just down the Parkway. Just a short walk and you’ll enter a world where fresh fruits are transformed into the best hard ciders in the Smoky Mountains! In fact, Tennessee Cider Company is the original hard cider of the Smoky Mountains as the first cidery to call Gatlinburg home.

Tennessee Cider Co in downtown Gatlinburg Tennessee.

You’re in for an unforgettable experience when you make your way to our winery in Gatlinburg! After hanging out with us, check out some of the top Gatlinburg attractions located within walking distance of Tennessee Homemade Wines!

February 2024
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