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Which of Our New Smoky Mountain Wines Should You Try First?

We recently released our Experimental Series of wines, and they’re unlike any other wines you’ll find in the Smoky Mountains! If you’ve been wanting to order a bottle but can’t decide on a flavor, we can help! While you can drink any flavor of our wines any time of year, we’ve put together a guide to help you decide which of our new Smoky Mountain wines you should try first.   

For Summer Sippin’

Nothing says summertime quite like sipping on some of our semi-sweet Smoky Mountain wines. We have a couple new wine flavors that make the perfect summer drink! If you’re looking for a bottle to enjoy in the summer sun, we recommend Pineapple Rosé or Watermelon Crawl. Our Pineapple Rosé is a refreshing blend that is great for a hot summer day. It’s sweet and bursting with pineapple aromas and flavors. You can also add a dash of rum and a splash of soda water for a fun summer cocktail! If you’re looking for something a little less sweet, our Watermelon Crawl is perfect. It starts with a burst of watermelon flavor, then eases into a delicious and light finish. It pairs well with fresh fruit, which makes it a great bottle to bring along on your summer picnic!

Watermelon Crawl Wine by Tennessee Homemade Wines

For Special Occasions

Planning a special occasion? We have the perfect bottles for you to share with your friends and family: Sparkling Peach and Double Berry. Sparkling Peach is our “Tennessee champagne.” As soon as you take your first sip, you’ll be hit with exploding peach flavors and bubbles that dance on your tongue. It’s packed with peach and passionfruit flavors. We think this wine is great for mimosas, wedding parties, anniversaries, and any other special occasion! Our Double Berry wine is a wine that everyone will love, which makes it great for celebrations. We’ve put our 2 best-sellers in a bottle: Blueberry and Blackberry. Be sure to sip it slowly so you can taste both berry flavors individually!

Sparkling Peach Wine by Tennessee Homemade Wines

For Something Unique

Are you interested in trying wines that are unlike anything you’ve had before? Try our PB&J or Cotton Clouds wines! PB&J is a traditional concord wine with a peanut butter flavor. It’s our most unique wine that’s heavy on the jelly flavors in the beginning, with a subtle peanut butter flavor to finish. It will take you back to the days of enjoying your favorite sandwich! Our Cotton Clouds wine takes a different approach to the typical cotton candy wines you’ll find. Instead of a thick, syrupy sweet, cotton candy flavor, you can expect a more light, airy, marshmallow-like, cotton candy taste. It has aromas of strawberry and red raspberry, with fun flavors of bubble gum and strawberry. 

Peanut Butter and Jelly Wine by Tennessee Homemade Wines

For Something Creamy 

Are you in the mood for something creamy? You’ll love trying one (or both) of our new cream wines! Our Experimental Series of Smoky Mountain wines includes Mountain Chocolate and Strawberry Cream. Mountain Chocolate is the best choice for any chocolate lover. It’s a blend of rich, creamy chocolate milk with Irish Creme and wine. We recommend mixing it with coffee, chocolate, or your favorite ice cream. Our Strawberry Cream tastes just like strawberry milk! It gives off aromas of soft-serve strawberry ice cream with flavors of tropical punch and bubble gum. It pairs perfectly with a delicious dessert!

Strawberry Cream Wine by Tennessee Homemade Wines

If you want to taste our new wines before you buy, visit one of our wineries for a tasting, then decide which bottle is your favorite. If you can’t make it into our store, you can shop online if you’re a member of our Wine Club! Sign up to join our Wine Club so you can order your new Smoky Mountain wines online today.

June 2022
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