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5 White Wine Varietals From Tennessee Homemade Wines

The choices of incredibly tasty wines are endless here at Tennessee Homemade Wines! We offer an incredible selection of Southern sweet wines, but sometimes an old classic is exactly what you’re in the mood for. We offer several white wine varieties for all the white wine lovers out there! White wine is a wine that’s fermented without skin contact, producing a product that’s often straw-yellow or yellow-gold in color. Here are 5 white wine varietals from Tennessee Homemade Wines:

1. White Label

White Label is a sweet dessert wine made from a delicious blend of white grapes and tastes like a moscato! It’s like a party for your taste buds! We created this wine specifically with the intention of pairing it with desserts because of its sweet nature. This white wine starts with the freshest and finest white grapes in Tennessee to produce a smooth refreshing taste with that sweetness you’ve grown to crave. There’s no better wine to enjoy on the back porch of your cabin at night than White Label!

White Label

2. Southern White

Southern White is Tennessee Homemade Wines’ version of moscato! This white table wine features a sweet Southern twist that will leave you feeling fully satisfied! Similar to our White Label wine, Southern White is made from the highest quality white grapes in Tennessee, making for a wine that has the perfect balance of sweetness and smoothness. If sweet wines are your thing, you have to give Southern White a try!  

Southern White

3. Great Niagara

Great Niagara is a favorite of the very winemakers who produce Tennessee Homemade Wines! When our always attentive staff leaves the facility each day, this is one of the most popular bottles they tend to take home. This white wine is made from fresh white grapes and includes hints of additional flavors, making for a wine a unique tasting experience that you can only find in the Smoky Mountains! 

Great Niagara

4. Passion Fruit

Did you know that passion fruit was named by 16th century Spanish missionaries in Brazil, who thought the plant’s flower reassembled the crown of thorns of Christ!?! Passion Fruit is the perfect blend of both sweetness and tartness while being full of exotic and tropical flavors! When temperatures warm up, there’s no more refreshing wine to enjoy than Passion Fruit!

Passion Fruit

5. White Muscadine

White Muscadine is made using wild muscadine grapes to create a wine that’s both fresh and tart with that perfect fresh-off-the-vine flavor! Wild muscadines are popular in the southeast and have long been used to create delicious jellies and wines. We remove the muscadine skins right before fermentation to help create a smoother taste. The resulting product is a wine that’s full of tart flavors that make it so unique! 

White Muscadine

These white wine varietals from Tennessee Homemade Wines always hit the spot for even our biggest white wine lovers! If you can’t wait until the next time you visit us to try them, consider joining The Club! Our wine and cider club ships Tennessee Homemade Wines to your home 4 times a year! 

April 2023
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