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5 Wines to Mix With Our Mulling Spices This Winter

When you’re all bundled up this winter – hopefully in the warmth of a Smoky Mountain cabin or from the comforts of your own home – you could use a classic holiday beverage to keep you warm! Mulled Wine from Tennessee Homemade Wines is exactly what you need! Mulled Wine or Spiced Wine is a tasty holiday drink made with various mulling spices, guaranteed to brighten any cold winter day. Grab a packet of our mulling spices, mix it with a bottle of your favorite wine from Tennessee Homemade Wines and slow simmer for a drink that smells as wonderful as it tastes! Here are 5 wines to mix with our mulling spices this winter:

1. Old Apple

Have you heard of the “cooking apple”? Cooking apples are odd-shaped, rough-skinned apples that generations before us used to make jams, jellies and fried pies! We take these locally grown apples and use them to make our Old Apple Wine! This light, clean and deliciously crisp wine perfectly complements with the distinct flavors of our mulling spices!

old apple

2. Apple Orchard

If you love apple pie, give this one a try! It’s like if grandma poured her famous homemade apple pie into a bottle! Our Apple Orchard Wine is made with fresh, locally grown apples to create a smooth and rich apple flavor that leaves you feeling refreshed with its crisp finish! The smells that come out of your kitchen when mixing this flavor with Tennessee Homemade Wines mulling spices is one that reminds you of snowy days as a kid, baking holiday cookies in grandma’s kitchen! 

apple orchard

3. Southern White

How about a delicious dessert wine for your mulling spices? Our Southern White Wine is Tennessee Homemade Wines’ twist on moscato! This sweet wine makes the perfect complement for a dessert, is great as a sweet treat on its own and tastes incredible when mixed with our mulling spices! This wine uses the freshest white grapes found in Tennessee to create this wine that is both light and sweet!

southern white

4. Southern Red

Get ready for a party in your nostrils when you smell this! Our Southern Red Wine features aromas of black cherry and cranberry with notes of clove and cardamom! When you combine it with our mulling spices, the smells and taste elevate to beyond where you can imagine! This wine features cranberry and fig flavors with notes of allspice and a medium bodied finish.

southern red

5. Strawberry

A little reminder of the warm months to come is a nice change of speed! Our Strawberry Wine tastes like the biggest, brightest strawberry fields! With a sweet taste and a light and refreshing finish, this wine uses fresh berries to create a taste that reminds you of summer! When combined with our mulling spices, you’ll get a taste that’s both unique and delicious.


These Tennessee Homemade Wines go deliciously with our mulling spices to create a Mulled Wine that will put you in the holiday spirit! If you’re a mulled wine lover, check out our Mulling Spice Bundle, which features 2 bottles of Old Apple Wine, 2 bottles of Southern Red and 2 packages of our famous mulling spices!

December 2022
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