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Classic Grape

Tennessee Homemade Wines Classic Grape Wine - top half of bottle
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Classic Crape

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Classic Grape takes you back to a time gone by with its palette pleasing, distinctive grape taste. Traveling the back roads deep into the woods, became a tradition of bottling this sweet concord wine that embodies the rich flavor of the fruit right off the vine. Every time you sip from a glass of Classic Grape, our family traditions are passed down to you. Cheers!
11.5% ALC. / VOL.
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Tennessee Homemade Wines Classic Grape Wine - right half of bottle
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Classic Grape

Don’t let the familiarity of this wine’s name or the concord grape fool you, it is anything but an ordinary flavor. We craft this wine using another one of our multigenerational recipes with a character about it that is only found here in the Great Smoky Mountains. We use the same fermenting process that our mamaws and papaws used, because it is our intention that you get to share in our rich traditions no matter where you are from.
50% sweetness
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