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Old Apple

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Tennessee Homemade Wines Old Apple Wine - Whole bottle
Tennessee Homemade Wines Old Apple Wine - left half of bottle

Old Apple

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Our family's 100 year old recipe. Made from a combination of local grown apples. A perfect blend of light, clean, and deliciously crisp. This bottle hold nothing but a local taste you won't find anywhere else.
11.5% ALC. / VOL.
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Tennessee Homemade Wines Old Apple Wine - right half of bottle
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Old Apple

In the Smokies, there is a specific type of apple known as the “cooking apple.” This is an odd-shaped, rough-skinned apple that previous generations would use to make jams, jellies, and fried pies. Somewhere down the line, one of our more fun ancestors also used them to make a southern sweet wine that is as light, clean, and deliciously crisp as any. When you take a bottle of this home, you also get to experience the over 100 year-old family recipe that was used to create the wine inside of it. For the full experience, come see us and try it for yourself in the hills of Gatlinburg where this wine was engineered and perfected. 
95% sweetness
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