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6 of Our Best-Selling Wines at Our Smoky Mountain Winery

There is nothing like Tennessee Homemade Wines anywhere else in the state. Our sweet Smoky Mountain wine is made using fresh fruits by local craftsmen — you’ll have a true local taste in every sip. We love welcoming both visitors and locals to our Gatlinburg and Sevierville locations. We have a variety of flavors for you to choose from, and you can sample some for free during a tasting! To help you learn more about us and decide on a bottle to buy, we’ve made a list of 6 of our best-selling wines at our Smoky Mountain winery:

1. Blackberry

Our recipe for our Blackberry Wine was born in the Smoky Mountains! For a true, local taste of the Smokies, this bottle is for you. Blackberry picking is an Appalachian tradition that dates back as far as anyone in East Tennessee can remember. This wine was made with blackberries hand-picked along country roads. It’s sweet, smooth, and a traditional Southern favorite. If you’re looking for a smooth, rich flavor that will leave you wanting more, then grab a bottle of our Blackberry Wine!

On our sweetness scale, this wine is rated 96% sweet. 

Tennessee Homemade Wines Blackberry Wine

2. Strawberry

Our Strawberry Wine starts off sweet and has a light, refreshing finish. If you put the South in a bottle, this is what it would taste like. We use fresh berries that are grown to provide a taste that’s both sweet and light. The familiar flavor of our Strawberry Wine makes it the perfect choice for hosting a crowd or to take along with you on a picnic in the Smokies!

On our sweetness scale, this wine is rated 100% sweet.

Tennessee Homemade Wines Strawberry Wine

3. Mountain Chocolate

If you’re looking for something decadent and different, you’ll love our Mountain Chocolate wine! As part of our new Experimental Wine Series, this is an amazing blend of rich, creamy chocolate milk with the taste of Irish Creme and the goodness of wine. The chocolate flavors follow through to a rich, velvety finish. You can enjoy this wine chilled on its own, or make a creative cocktail or milkshake!

Tennessee Homemade Wines Mountain Chocolate Wine

4. Strawberry Cream

This is another bottle in our Experimental Wine Series! Strawberry Cream is the adult version of strawberry milk! It has aromas of soft-serve strawberry ice cream with flavors of tropical punch and bubble gum. It’s great chilled on its own, in a milkshake, or in a cocktail. This creamy wine also pairs perfectly with any of your decadent dessert favorites! 

Tennessee Homemade Wines Strawberry Cream Wine

5. Blueberry 

We can’t say enough good things about our Blueberry Wine. You love it, we love it — everyone who takes a sip loves it! This wine is sweet and smooth, made with whole berries to capture the full off-the-vine flavor. The making of this wine is guided by a local recipe that was born on the historic trails of the Great Smoky Mountains. The recipe is deeply rooted in family and Appalachian history, making it a Smoky Mountain wine that you have to try. 

On our sweetness scale, this wine is rated 97% sweet.

Tennessee Homemade Wines Blueberry Wine

6. Proper Peach

Our Proper Peach Wine is one-of-a-kind. The fresh fruit used in this wine is freshly picked by local farmers. The fresh and in-season peaches create a wine that will satisfy your cravings for a fresh Southern peach. Sweet and smooth, this wine is best served ice cold. It makes a great addition to our slush mix for the perfect summer treat! Like all of our wines, it’s made by a local recipe straight from the hills of Gatlinburg, giving off a taste of authenticity with every sip. 

On our sweetness scale, this wine is rated 99% sweet.

Tennessee Homemade Wines Proper Peach Wine

Are you ready to try all of our best-selling wines? Come visit our Smoky Mountain winery for a free tasting, offered 7 days a week. If you can’t make it into our store, don’t worry, you can shop online! View all of our sweet Smoky Mountain wines and order a bottle today.

May 2022
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