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How to Properly Store Wine at Home: Our Top Tips

If you have plans to visit Tennessee Homemade Wines, chances are that you’ll return home with a bottle or two to share with friends and family, or simply to enjoy for yourself later down the road. But do you know how to properly store wine? Proper storage of wine can help it last longer and taste just as delicious as it did when you first tried it at Tennessee Homemade Wines! We’re here to help you know how to properly store wine at home with these tips:

1. Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

Many different factors can influence the quality of wine with temperature being one of the most important. Keeping your wine stored in a space that isn’t too hot nor too cold helps to maximize its flavor and aroma. The ideal temperature to store your wine is typically between 45 and 65 degrees, although many of our wines are delicious when chilled for a bit before serving! 

Wine bottles being stored in a wine fridge.

2. Protect From Light & Vibration

Light, especially sunlight, can cause damage to wines, so try to keep your bottles away from light sources like UV rays from the sun. Light can cause wine to prematurely age which affects its flavor profile, so try to store your bottles in a dark space, if possible. Additionally, sources of vibrations, like your washer and dryer or stereo system, can impact the sediments in wine, by speeding up the chemical reactions that naturally occur.

3. Humidity Matters Too

Extremes in humidity can influence the longevity of your favorite wine. Avoid keeping bottles exposed to the elements as the high humidity can negatively impact your wine. Higher humidity can promote the growth of mold (yuck!) and even begin to cause the labels of your bottles to peel off. The ideal humidity level for wine is around about 70%, but anywhere between 50% and 80% will do. Most wine coolers and wine fridges have a humidity level setting on them.

4. Store in a Wine Fridge Over a Regular Fridge

If you already have a wine fridge, perfect! If not and you’re a wine lover, consider getting one. Wine fridges offer advantages that your standard kitchen fridge typically doesn’t. These wine fridges keep your bottles in a dark, cool and moist place that has the optimal conditions to preserve your wine. As we mentioned earlier, many of our wines can be enjoyed chilled, so wine fridges are the ultimate way to go!

About Tennessee Homemade Wines

Here at Tennessee Homemade Wines, we specialize in developing locally made southern sweet wines of more flavors than you can imagine! We offer dozens of different flavors ranging from a simple red like our Southern Red to elegant whites like our Maples Reserve White and more unique choices like Blueberry Muffin, Mountain Latte and Raspberry Truffle!

We offer free tastings at our wineries in both Gatlinburg and Sevierville, giving you the opportunity to try several different options until you find something that hits the spot! Stop by on your next trip to the area to enjoy tastes as sweet as the Smoky Mountains, southern hospitality and a great time with loved ones!

We hope to see you drop by soon at Tennessee Homemade Wines and grab a bottle or two now that you know how to properly store wine at home! Want to know more about us? Take a look at some of guests' favorite things about our Smoky Mountain wineries!

June 2024
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