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5 Smoky Mountain Wines Made From Fresh Berries

You’re going to fall in love with the sweet wines from Tennessee Homemade Wines! We use only the freshest ingredients to craft our timeworn wine recipes, making for a tasting experience that you won’t forget. We’re thrilled to offer a handful of flavorful wines made from the freshest berries around! These wines are bursting with those familiar fruit flavors you’ve come to know and crave. Here are 5 Smoky Mountains wines made from fresh berries:

1. Blueberry

This fruity wine has become a favorite of folks who visit Tennessee Homemade Wines! Our Blueberry Wine is crafted from whole blueberries, fresh off the vine to create a flavor that’s equal parts sweet and smooth! This tasty Blueberry Wine starts from a local recipe born on the picturesque trails of the Smoky Mountains, satisfying swaths of visitors and locals alike. You’ll feel as if you’re exploring a wild blueberry patch with each sip of our Blueberry Wine!


2. Blackberry

We pick our fresh blackberries along those winding country roads that give the Smoky Mountains their personality! In fact, blackberry picking is a tradition of sorts in the Smoky Mountains and one that our family has been participating in for years! Our Blackberry Wine features a sweet and smooth blackberry flavor that has become a traditional Southern favorite! You won’t be able to get enough of this wine made from sweet and slightly tart blackberries and featuring earthy undertones.


3. Mountain Berry

Does our Blueberry Wine sound delicious to you? Can’t wait to taste our Blackberry Wine for the first time? Why not have a little bit of both all in one?! That’s right; our Mountain Berry Wine is a blend of delicious blueberry and blackberries all in one tasty wine! This is another favorite among our Smoky Mountain wines thanks to its crisp, semi-sweet and refreshing flavor. You’ll find this bottle packed with fresh fruity flavors and sensational aromas of both blueberries and blackberries.

Mountain Berry Wine

4. Strawberry

Our Strawberry Wine is a true Smoky Mountain classic! We’ve been hard at work thoroughly picking through strawberry fields to make this delicious wine! This wine starts off with that sweet strawberry flavor you love before finishing with a light and refreshing touch. The result is a wine that’s as sweet and light as a Smoky Mountain night! This wine makes an excellent choice to take back to your cabin rental and enjoy with your sweetheart over back-porch mountain views!


5. Raspberry

Our Raspberry Wine starts with freshly picked raspberries that are bursting with flavor! This Smoky Mountain wine is both sweet and tart with a refreshing flavor that’s sure to impress! This fresh fruit taste features floral undertones combined with woody notes. Because of the tart undertones, our Raspberry Wine has a fresh sweetness that’s more subtle than a strawberry. You can’t go wrong giving this wine a try!


You’ll get a full dose of fresh fruit flavors when you try these Smoky Mountain wines made from fresh berries! Can’t get enough of these tasty wines? Consider joining The Club! Our wine and cider club ensures wine shipments to your front door on 4 occasions throughout the year!

May 2023
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