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5 Smoky Mountain Wines to Celebrate With on Valentine’s Day

You’ve got a cabin nestled in the Smoky Mountains all picked out, the kids are off to the babysitter’s and it’s finally time for you and your significant other to experience some quality time alone to yourselves! It’s only right you celebrate your love with some unique and unforgettable Smoky Mountain wines when you’re in town! Grab a bottle or 2, head to the back porch of your cabin overlooking the gorgeous Smokies, and enjoy a sunset and romantic evening together. Here are 5 Smoky Mountain wines to celebrate with on Valentine’s Day:

1. Maples Reserve

Ah, the creme de la creme of Tennessee Homemade Wines! Our Maples Reserve Wine is our most exclusive wine to date, featuring a blend of Rougeon, Marquette and Chambourcin grapes! Our Maples Reserve blends several different dark berry flavors including blueberries, black cherry, black currant and plum to create one of the very best Smoky Mountain wines around! Serve chilled to highlight this wine’s fruit flavors or at room temperature to enjoy the warm herbal tones. When you pop open a bottle of this wine on Valentine’s Day, you’re getting our very best wine!

maples reserve

2. Red Muscadine

You won’t find a wine like this no matter how hard you look! Our Red Muscadine Wine is a Smoky Mountain speciality, using a recipe that accentuates the unique flavor of the muscadine grape! In fact, muscadine grapes have long been a popular cooking ingredient here in the Smokies. The result is a Smoky Mountain wine that is sweet and tart and full of smooth rich flavor! Enjoy this wine with a home-cooked romantic dinner inside your Smoky Mountain cabin!

red muscadine

3. Apple Orchard

This is yet another one of our Smoky Mountain wines that uses fruit native to the area! Our Apple Orchard Wine is made from locally grown apples to create a light and clean crisp apple flavor! The smooth rich flavor of this wine is similar to that warm apple pie you used to gobble up at grandma’s house as a kid. This 100-year-old recipe has been passed through several generations, putting smiles on faces with each sip! Bring a bottle out on the porch to share and enjoy beautiful Smoky Mountain views on Valentine’s Day!

apple orchard

4. Blackberry

Talk to any native East Tennessean, and chances are they’ve been blackberry picking! This Appalachian tradition is the inspiration for our Blackberry Wine. Blackberries hand-picked alongside country roads are used to make a wine that’s sweet, smooth and a Southern favorite! This timeworn family recipe is full of authentic Smoky Mountain taste, crafted with love and Southern hospitality. There’s nothing like this sweet, fruity taste of the Smokies to make for a perfect Valentine’s Day with your significant other.


5. Southern Red

Red wine lovers: We’ve got just what you need! Our Southern Red Wine is semi-sweet, garnet in color and features aromas of black cherry and cranberry with notes of clove and cardamom. As this tasty wine hits your tongue, you’ll experience cranberry and fig flavors with notes of allspice and a medium-bodied finish. This wine makes the perfect compliment for a romantic steak dinner with plenty of your favorite country fixings.

southern red

These Smoky Mountain wines are perfect to pop open on Valentine’s Day to celebrate with your sweetheart! If you’re staying home to celebrate, you can still receive our wines by signing up for our Wine Club! Members receive wine shipments to their front door 4 times a year, including around Valentine’s Day time in February!

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