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5 Smoky Mountains Wines To Enjoy This Summer

Gorgeous blue skies overlook a sprawling, scenic land full of incredible natural beauty each summer in the Smoky Mountains! There’s no better time to get your much-needed dose of rest and relaxation than summer in the Smokies! As you explore the Smokies throughout your trip, you’ll be in awe of all the beauty and great fun for you and your family to enjoy. Tennessee Homemade Wines is the place to be for your true taste of the Smoky Mountains this summer! Here are 5 Smoky Mountain wines to enjoy this summer:

1. Lemonade Sangria

Two distinct flavors feel like summer in the Smoky Mountains: lemonade and sangria! That’s why we combined the 2 to make our delicious Lemonade Sangria, a favorite amongst both visitors and locals each summer! This carefully crafted blend of sweet and tart citrus flavors will awaken your taste buds, taking them on an experience of a lifetime! Pour up a glass of our Lemonade Sangria and enjoy it on the back porch of your cabin rental overlooking the Smokies.

Lemonade Sangria

2. Proper Peach

There’s peach and then there’s our Proper Peach! Only the freshest and most delightful of peach flavors are poured into this bottle from Tennessee Homemade Wines! Using peaches picked by local farmers, Proper Peach is both sweet and smooth, making it the perfect wine to enjoy this summer! Featuring that homegrown peach flavor, this wine will remind you of stopping by the roadside peach stand to stock up on fresh fruits. 

Proper Peach

3. Strawberry

Summer nights in the Smokies call for our Strawberry Wine! Using fresh berries, this wine is a local twist on a classic flavor! Our Strawberry Wine starts with a delightful sweet Strawberry flavor before a light and refreshing finish. The fresh strawberries in this wine make for a familiar flavor that’s as sweet and light as a summer night in the Smokies. Pop open a bottle with your sweetheart and reminisce on all the great times you’ve had together!


4. Honey Peach

Have you heard all the buzz about our Honey Peach Wine? Sweet, savory honey meets juicy, refreshing peaches in this delicious wine! Sweet candied peach flavors and honeycomb flavors make this wine the perfect treat to enjoy this summer in the Smokies. The incredible flavors in our Honey Peach wine give it a distinct sweet flavor that makes it one of the best Smoky Mountain wines to enjoy this summer!

Honey Peach

5. Watermelon Crawl

No summer cookout is complete without some fresh, juicy watermelon! Watermelon Crawl is a semi-sweet wine full of those familiar watermelon aromas and flavors that feel just like summer! Enjoy Watermelon Crawl chilled by itself or combine it with soda water and a splash of vodka for a delicious cocktail. This wine pairs excellently with fresh fruit and salty or spicy foods.

We’ll save you a seat at Tennessee Homemade Wines this summer to enjoy these delicious Smoky Mountain wines! Browse all of our Smoky Mountain wines to find the perfect drink to enjoy the next time you visit us. We can’t wait to see you soon!

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