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6 of Our Tennessee Wines to Sample at Least Once

One of the best parts of visiting the Smoky Mountains is discovering new unique things. Whether that’s finding a special hiking trail, visiting a one-of-a-kind attraction or anything in between, unique experiences are what the Smokies are all about. The same applies for our Tennessee wines! Tennessee Homemade Wines is home to a handful of wines we’re confident you’ve never had anything like before yet sure to make your taste buds burst with excitement. Here are 6 of our Tennessee wines to sample at least once:

1. Maples Reserve Red

The most exclusive wine ever released by Tennessee Homemade Wines, Maples Reserve Red is a must-try for wine aficionados! A unique blend of Rougeon, Marquette and Chambourcin grapes combine to produce a premium red wine flavor with a smooth taste, amazing aroma and clean finish. Dark berry flavors (blueberries, black cherry, red currant & plum) add to a deep flavor profile, giving this special wine the perfect touch of fruity flavors. 

Tennessee Homemade Wines Maples Reserve wine bottle.

2. Great Niagara

Try the wine that the staff at Tennessee Homemade Wines loves to take home after a full day of introducing guests to our tongue tantalizing Tennessee wines! Great Niagara is full of fresh white grapes which produce a taste that feels just like the Smoky Mountains. This classic white wine offers a hint of other flavors that help highlight the authentic taste of juicy, ripe white grapes.

Tennessee Homemade Wines Great Niagara wine bottle.

3. Honey Peach

Buzz buzz! What do you get when you combine the rich, sweet flavor of honey with the refreshing, fruity flavor of peach? A wine you just have to try for a deliciously unique tasting experience! You’ll be left s-peach-less when you enjoy the authentic flavors of Honey Peach. It seamlessly blends fresh honeycomb flavor with sweet candied peach for a wine that’s perfectly sweet and fruity, sure to become one of your new favorites.

Tennessee Homemade Wines Honey Peach wine bottle.

4. Big Orange Sangria

Push everything you thought you knew about wine to the limit! Big Orange Sangria is a limited edition flavor crafted to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the University of Tennessee football team winning the 1998 National Championship. Made in collaboration with Al Wilson, a linebacker and captain on that team, this wine is a sensational sangria overflowing with fresh fruit flavors. Bold citrus flavors make this wine a must to keep cool and refreshed during the warmer months!

Tennessee Homemade Wines Big Orange Sangria wine bottle.

5. Mountain Chocolate

Savor a taste as sweet as the Smoky Mountains! Mountain Chocolate is a carefully crafted concoction that includes both rich, creamy chocolate milk and the kick of Irish Creme. To-die-for chocolate flavors make this wine the perfect selection to enjoy with dessert or as a dessert on its own. Childhood memories of sipping on chocolate milk are sure to rush back to you when you enjoy Mountain Chocolate.

Tennessee Homemade Wines Mountain Chocolate wine bottle.

6. Pumpkin Pie

Let the gourd times roll with Pumpkin Pie! We were able to get our hands on grandma’s top-secret pumpkin pie recipe and transform it into a delicious beverage perfect to celebrate the holidays with. With a taste similar to a pumpkin spice latte, this wine features pumpkin and cinnamon spices sure to warm your heart. You’ll be amazed by just how much this wine tastes like the real thing!

Tennessee Homemade Wines Pumpkin Pie wine bottle.

Make sure to sample some of these Tennessee wines as part of a complimentary tasting the next time you visit Tennessee Homemade Wines! You’ll find a great selection of unique wines unlike anything you’ve tried before!

December 2023
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