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4 Things That Make Our Tennessee Wines Unique

Do you have a Smoky Mountain bucket list? We suggest filling that bucket with wine! Not just any wine, but rather the southern sweet wines from Tennessee Homemade Wines! Why? Our Tennessee wines are unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Our wines are born from authentic Appalachian traditions that pay homage to the unique hospitality and heritage of the Great Smoky Mountains. Here are 4 things that make our Tennessee wines unique:

1. Sweet as Pie

Our Tennessee wines are as sweet as pie! No, seriously. Take for instance our Apple Orchard Wine. Made from locally grown apples, this unique combination of crisp apple flavors produces a rich smoothness that tastes like a warm apple pie, hot and fresh out of the oven! Our Strawberry Wine utilizes the natural sugar of the berries to create a drink overflowing with that sweet strawberry flavor that reminds you of southern summer nights catching fireflies in a jar. Nobody does sweet wines quite like Tennessee Homemade Wines! You’ll find a number of choices as sweet as the Smoky Mountains at our wineries in Gatlinburg and Sevierville. 

Other flavors at Tennessee Homemade Wines

2. Crafted With Care

We don’t just make any wines; We make wines that we can be proud of with each and every bottle! Our Tennessee wines are crafted with care, merging fresh fruits with local craftsmen and that southern hospitality you’ll only find here in the Smoky Mountains. Winemaking is a family tradition, and it's our responsibility to uphold the standard set by the generations before us. We pay attention to every last detail throughout the winemaking process, separating us from other Smoky Mountain wineries. 

3. Made From Timeworn Family Recipes

There’s a unique history behind the bottles of wine from Tennessee Homemade Wines. We use generations-old family recipes to carry on the tradition of authentic Tennessee wines. As they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! These wines are crafted and bottled here in historic Gatlinburg where the tradition first began using the same recipes that first made them a treat that folks, to this day, can’t get enough of. While we can’t share these family recipes, just know they’ve been stamped and approved by plenty of people that have come before you!   

Experimental Flavors at Tennessee Homemade Wines

4. New & Unique Flavors

While many of our Tennessee wines were perfected years ago, we’re also always coming out with new and exciting creations that you won’t find anywhere else! That’s why we came up with many of the wines listed on our Experimental Series. This collection of wines is kind of like our personal scientific experiments in a bottle. Winter Harvest is what’s known as an ice wine, created from grapes that naturally freeze while still on the vine before being transformed into a unique creation full of flavor. Experimental Series flavors like Mountain S’more, Pumpkin Pie and Peanut Butter & Jelly will leave you wondering how in the heck we were able to produce such unique flavors.

Our Tennessee wines are unique in more ways than one. If you’re interested in trying something different this trip to the Smoky Mountains, explore some of the most unique wines we offer at Tennessee Homemade Wines!

October 2023
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