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4 Types of Folks Who Love Tennessee Homemade Wines

Tennessee Homemade Wines is much more than just a winery; it’s one of the best spots to meet up with friends, both old and new! Enjoy fruitful fellowship while savoring a glass of the most delicious wines in the Smoky Mountains! You’ll find a diverse group of people, each with an interesting story to tell, ready to bond over the shared experience of sipping on authentic Smoky Mountain wines at our wineries in Gatlinburg and Sevierville. Here are 4 types of folks who love Tennessee Homemade Wines: 

Someone wine tasting at Tennessee Homemade Wines

1. The Local

When it comes to recommendations in the Smoky Mountains, locals know best! Tennessee Homemade Wines is a favorite among those who live in the Smoky Mountains! In fact, we were founded by Gatlinburg natives looking to carry on the tradition of Tennessee sweet wines. When you visit our wineries in Gatlinburg and Sevierville, you’re sure to spot some locals who can’t get enough of our Smoky Mountain wines and make it a part of their regular routine.

2. The Adventurer

Visitors from across the world pour into Tennessee Homemade Wines in search of quality wines you can’t find anywhere else! The adventurer typically stops by our winery in between visiting some of the top attractions in the Smokies. It’s the perfect way to relax after being on the run all day or even after an adventure in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. What better way to kick back than by sampling authentic flavors of the Smokies? We offer complimentary tastings each day of the week so you can try a number of different flavors of our Smoky Mountain wines.

wines at Tennessee Homemade Wines

3. The Socialite

Pull up a seat and stay awhile! The Smoky Mountains have a tendency to speed folks up as they try to get to everything on their bucket lists. Not at Tennessee Homemade Wines! People from all over gather at our wineries where they find good stories and conversations, in addition to the one-of-a-kind wines. We’re just as much an experience, a place where you’ll have memories to hold onto forever, as we are an attraction. You’re likely to even get some solid recommendations of places you have to visit in the Smoky Mountains! 

4. The Expert

We attract our fair share of folks who love wine! Why? Our Smoky Mountain wines are unique and can only be found at one place. Wines like Cotton Clouds, Mountain S’More, Winter Harvest and Apple Orchard are nothing like the usual choices you find at wineries. If you’re in search of something different, check out our Experimental Series, a rotating collection of unique wines that includes some seasonal options. The biggest experts to visit Tennessee Homemade Wines often join The Club, our wine and cider club that ships our wines to your front door 4 times a year!

Which one of these categories best describes you? We can’t wait for you to become part of our community when you visit Tennessee Homemade Wines! In the meantime, find out what makes us the top Smoky Mountain winery!

November 2023
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