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4 Reasons Tennessee Homemade Wines is the Top Smoky Mountain Winery

We’ve saved you a seat here at Tennessee Homemade Wines! We want you to taste the same delicious Smoky Mountain wines that countless folks before you have come to love. The people have had their say, and there’s no doubt that Tennessee Homemade Wines is the top Smoky Mountain winery! Here are 4 reasons why Tennessee Homemade Wines is the top Smoky Mountain winery: 

1. The People Say So!

Don’t take our word for it. Take it from the people who have visited Tennessee Homemade Wines! Tennessee Homemade Wines was voted the top winery in Tennessee according to the Yelp community! Analysts sorted through the Yelp database as part of a project to name the top winery in each state across the country. The crowd-sourced review platform crowned Tennessee Homemade Wines the best winery in the entire state of Tennessee — not just the Smoky Mountains — based on Yelp’s user-generated reviews and ratings. That means the folks who have visited our Smoky Mountain winery are the reason we’re #1!

Enjoying Mountain Melon wine by the pool in the summer

2. Wines For Every Season

When the seasons change, so do our most popular wines! One of the things folks love the most about Tennessee Homemade Wines is that we offer a large selection of wines perfect for each season! Our collection of seasonal wines go perfectly with the Smoky Mountain weather and scenery. Our Strawberry Wine provides you with that perfectly refreshing strawberry taste that means spring has arrived in the Smokies while summer is a great time to enjoy our Lemonade Sangria as the Smoky Mountain sun shines down! Fall makes the perfect time to enjoy our Pumpkin Pie wine while Sparkling Peach offers you a tropical peach and passionfruit escape during the winter

3. From Simple to Extravagant

In addition to wines for every season, our wines range from simple to extravagant so you’re sure to find the perfect wine no matter the occasion! Our Smoky Mountain winery pours up plenty of more traditional wines such as our Chardonnay, Southern White, Southern Red and Maples Reserve, the most exclusive wine ever produced by Tennessee Homemade Wines! Folks particularly love our wines made with their favorite fresh fruits like Proper Peach, Blackberry, Blueberry and Old Apple. Feeling adventurous while visiting the Smokies? Try one of our wines from the Experimental Series, a collection of tasty outside-the-box wines that you’ve never had anything like before! Mountain Chocolate is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth while Strawberry Creme is our version of adult strawberry milk!

Some of the wines people enjoy after joining the wine club with tennessee homemade wines

4. The Club

Many folks find they love the wines at our Smoky Mountain winery so much that they decide to join The Club! Our wine and cider club provides you with shipments of our wines straight to your front door on 4 separate occasions throughout the year! We ship to the vast majority of states so you can receive these delicious wines no matter how many miles away you live. We offer 4 different club packages so you can decide how many of these discounted bottles you’d like shipped to you quarterly. Pick the wines you want or let us choose them for you!

All of these reasons make Tennessee Homemade Wines the top Smoky Mountain winery! As you can see, there’s no shortage of great tasting wines at our Smoky Mountain winery! Explore our Smoky Mountain wines to find ones that you want to try!

July 2023
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