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5 Tips for a Gatlinburg Wine Tasting

The wine is divine at Tennessee Homemade Wines! So much so, that you have to experience it for yourself! For that reason, we offer complimentary wine tastings 7 days a week, giving you the chance to sample our Tennessee sweet wines to find one that resonates with your particular palate. If you’ve never had a wine tasting experience before, we’re here to help. Here are 5 tips for a Gatlinburg wine tasting:

1. Converse With Our Staff

Nobody knows better than our friendly staff! Our team is well-versed in all things related to our wines so we can help you find a wine that you’ll love. Be sure to ask questions and we’ll be there to guide you through all the choices. Once we know a little bit about your likes and dislikes, we can recommend some options we think you’ll enjoy. We can even offer food pairing suggestions to help elevate the flavor profile of your wine when you take a bottle home.

Free wine tasting at Tennessee Homemade Wines in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

2. Eat Something First

Speaking of food, make sure to put something on your stomach before a Gatlinburg wine tasting experience. Drinking on an empty stomach could make you feel sick or become more intoxicated than you wish. The good news is that Gatlinburg is a hot-spot for delicious restaurants, with plenty of options featuring all types of cuisines! Even better, our location on the Gatlinburg Strip is conveniently located near many of these restaurants.

World-famous pancake meal in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

3. See, Sniff, Sip

The perfect wine tasting requires the use of multiple senses. After your wine has been poured, start off by taking a look at it to see the color and density of the wine. Once you’ve gotten a good look, swirl your glass to oxygenate the wine, making it more fragrant and flavorful. Put it under your nose and deeply inhale to see what notes you can identify. Finally, it’s time to try your wine! Take one small sip at a time, seeing what flavors you can pick up and how the taste may change slightly over time.

People enjoying free wine tasting at Tennessee Homemade Wines in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

4. Try Our VIP Tasting

The ultimate Gatlinburg wine tasting experience includes a VIP tasting at Tennessee Homemade Wines! For about the same price as a cup of coffee from your favorite shop, you can enjoy a VIP tasting that allows you to sample as many of our wines as you’d like! Just $5 gets you all that, plus a chance to try our wine slushies, perfect to keep cool on a warm day in the Smokies! This is the way to go for the wine aficionados out there.

5. Have Fun!

A Gatlinburg wine tasting at Tennessee Homemade Wines isn’t just an activity; it’s an authentic Smoky Mountain experience! Visit us with your closest friends and family for a memorable experience sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces. Southern sweet wines are just the start of what you’ll love about our winery. Enjoy fellowship and make memories at our winery for the perfect day of relaxation in the heart of Gatlinburg!

These tips for a Gatlinburg wine tasting will come in handy when you visit us! As you prepare for your trip, take a look at our wine flavors to begin thinking about what you’ll have to sample!

March 2024
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