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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Our Sevierville Winery

You’re in for a true Smoky Mountain treat when you visit our Sevierville winery! Tennessee Homemade Wines is your go-to destination for the very best Southern sweet wines in not just the Smoky Mountains but all of Tennessee! Our carefully curated collection of wines features a little something for everyone, regardless of personal preference, with no shortage of options to try as part of our complimentary tastings each day. Here are 4 things you didn’t know about our Sevierville winery:

TN Homemade Wines Slush Mix

1. Come for the Wine; Stay for the Ciders

You can probably tell from the name, but we’ve got these delicious wines down to a science! What you may not have known is that our Sevierville winery also serves up some Smoky Mountain hard ciders bursting with fresh fruit flavors! Our sister establishment Tennessee Cider Company produces locally made hard ciders that are available at our Sevierville winery. Try samples of these hard ciders at our Sevierville winery before deciding on that perfect bottle to bring back home with you. No matter if you love wine or cider, you’ll find something special to sip on at Tennessee Homemade Wines!

2. Seasonal Treats Like Slushies & Mulled Wine

If the wines and ciders aren’t enough, we’re thrilled to offer some Tennessee Homemade Wine specialities like slushies and mulled wine! Slushies are the perfect refreshing treat for a hot summer day in the Smokies while our mulled wine is a must for any holiday gathering with friends and family. We offer several different flavors of slush mixes, including Grape, Strawberry, Blueberry, Pina Colada and more. Combine one of these mixes with your favorite bottle of wine from Tennessee Homemade Wines, add water and freeze for a refreshing adult treat! Throw our Mulling Spices in with your favorite bottle of wine, slowly simmer and you’ll have tasty mulled wine to share with all of your holiday guests.

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3. New Additions Common

The menu at Tennessee Homemade Wines is always being updated, with new choices commonly added as we develop them! Make sure to try some of our newest flavors as part of our complimentary tastings to see which choice speaks to you. We take pride in developing unique wine flavors that can’t be found anywhere else! Make sure to join The Club, our wine and cider club, to be the first to hear and try our newest flavors as they become available at our Sevierville winery! 

4. We Offer Tennessee Homemade Wines Merch

Never forget your exciting experience at our Sevierville winery by taking home some Tennessee Homemade Wines merchandise! Grab some Tennessee Homemade Wine themed apparel like a t-shirt or hat to share your love for the best wines in Tennessee. It’s only right that you sip on our wines in a Tennessee Homemade Wines themed wine glass or wine tumbler. 

If you didn’t know these things about our Sevierville winery, now you do! All that’s left to do is visit for yourself. Explore our wines to find a few different choices to try when you visit our Sevierville winery!

September 2023
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