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5 Things You Didn't Know About Our Winery in Tennessee

Welcome to Tennessee Homemade Wines! You’ve found the right spot for tasty sweet Southern wines filled with the warm spirit and hospitality of the Smoky Mountains! You’ll find an incredible selection of wines, from reds to whites to unique flavors you didn’t know were possible, at our 2 locations in Gatlinburg and Sevierville. Before you visit, we want to fill you in on what we’re all about here at Tennessee Homemade Wines! Here are 5 things you didn’t know about our winery in Tennessee:


1. Flavors for All Occasions

You won’t have any trouble finding a flavor of wine that you’ll fall in love with at Tennessee Homemade Wines! We are proud to offer more than a dozen flavors of our wine, like Strawberry, Apple Orchard and Red Muscadine, plus several more from our Experimental Series! These wines will keep you warm during a cold Smoky Mountain winter while these wines are perfect for a beautiful fall day. No matter the tastes you particularly enjoy, we’re sure to have something that hits the spot!

2. Our Experimental Series is Unmatched

Do you ever think of an idea so special that you just have to try it out? That’s what our Experimental Series is! The Experimental Series is a collection of flavors that includes some seasonal options throughout the year at our winery in Tennessee! These are unique wines that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Flavors include options like Raspberry Truffle, Pumpkin Pie, Peanut Butter & Jelly and Mountain Chocolate, among others.

3. Joining Our Club Gets You Ciders, Too!

Our Wine and Cider Club is a must for folks who love the tastes we craft! When you sign up for our Wine and Cider Club, you also receive the same discounted access to delicious hard ciders from Tennessee Cider Company! Joining our club means you’ll receive shipments of wine or cider 4 times of year at a discounted price. The club also ensures that you’ll be among the first to try our new flavors and the discount applies to both online and in-store purchases. With 4 different club packages, there’s surely one that best fits your needs.

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4. We Ship to Your Door

When you join our Wine and Cider Club, you don’t even have to leave the house! We ship from our winery in Tennessee straight to your front door so you don’t even have to get up off the couch! You can either choose the wines you’d like for that shipment or let our wine experts pick them for you. Shipments are scheduled for February, May, August and November. Even if you’re not a member of our Wine and Cider Club, you can still shop all our wines online and have them shipped to you. We ship to almost 40 states! 

5. We Offer Both Free & VIP Tastings

Picking a wine for you can be a bit of a task with so many great ones to choose from. That’s why we offer free tastings, 7 days a week! In addition, we offer a VIP tasting experience for just $5, or the same price as a coffee from Starbucks! The VIP tasting allows you to try each and every wine we make at our winery in Tennessee. The chance to try our wine slushies is another great benefit of the VIP tasting experience!

Now that you know all about our winery in Tennessee, we hope you’ll consider joining our Wine and Cider Club! If you’re still on the fence, check out these hidden perks of our Wine and Cider Club!

February 2023
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