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5 Tips For Picking the Perfect Gatlinburg Wine

It’s wine o’clock somewhere! That somewhere happens to be Tennessee Homemade Wines, where you’ll find some of the tastiest wine in the Smoky Mountains! We’re thrilled to share our lineup of southern sweet wines with guests from far and wide. With dozens of wines to choose from, you’ll need to narrow your choices to find the perfect Gatlinburg wine. Here are 5 tips for picking the perfect Gatlinburg wine:

1. Try a Complimentary Tasting

It wouldn’t be fair for you to guess whether or not you’ll enjoy a Gatlinburg wine. That’s why tastings are free every day of the week at Tennessee Homemade Wines! If you find a wine that catches your eye, sample it to see what you think. These tastings allow our guests to try before they buy, ensuring they’re satisfied with their choice. There’s plenty to love about our free tastings! In addition, for just $5 you can enjoy a VIP tasting experience, allowing you to try as many of our flavors as you’d like.

Free wine tasting at Tennessee Homemade Wines in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

2. Receive Suggestions From Our Staff

Our employees are our most valuable asset – other than the wine, of course! Why? Our staff is passionate about wine and know these choices like the back of their hand! We’re happy to suggest wines you may enjoy based on what you share with us about your preferences and dislikes. Knowing a bit about your palate allows our wine experts to get a better understanding of what is likely to tickle your tastebuds! We’re more than happy to answer your questions and share tidbits about these special wines.

3. Be Open to Unique Choices

If you’re in the mood for something different, you’ve come to the right place! It can be easy to play it safe and elect for a wine similar to what you typically drink. Or, you could broaden your horizons by trying something unique and authentic to the Smoky Mountains! Our Experimental Series features one-of-a-kind wines that are anything but your standard wine, such as Raspberry Truffle, Cotton Clouds and Lemonade Sangria.

Wines available at Tennessee Homemade Wines in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

4. Consider the Season

There’s a wine for every season at Tennessee Homemade Wines! Choices like Mulled Wine and Maples Reserve Red are sure to keep you warm and cozy in the wintertime while wines like Strawberry and Passion Fruit make excellent selections for when temperatures begin to rise each spring. Keep cool during the summer with Lemonade Sangria and Proper Peach. Old Apple and Pumpkin Pie are perfect choices when the leaves begin to drop each fall.

5. Pair Wisely

Do you have plans for a big gathering? Do yourself a favor by keeping in mind the types of food you’re planning to serve alongside our Gatlinburg wine! Take a look at several of our favorite wine and food pairings to get an idea of what goes well with what. Our Southern Red makes an excellent choice alongside red meats such as steak. Proper Peach perfectly pairs with foods that have a spicy or smoky flavor profile like BBQ.

Are you ready to pick out the perfect Gatlinburg wine? Explore our wine flavors now to begin making a shortlist of wines you wish to sample at Tennessee Homemade Wines!

January 2024
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